promo 2014 10My team and I here at DJ Gatsby Book Club & WB Media Group are proud to announce the Nominees for our DJGBC 2014 Literary Awards. We started recognizing excellence in African American Literature in 2012 and are glad to share our list of Nominees with you. We have change the process in a few ways this year and have eliminated on-line voting. We do not want nominees campaigning for votes or winning because of their popularity and not the quality of their work.

We wanted to open up the Awards this year to include 5 Specific genres Romance , Children’s , Urban Fiction  ,Christian Fiction & Erotica . These Authors and Books represented here were nominated not based on Amazon Sales , they were chosen  from books that were either Read, Reviewed, Shared or Featured in some way on My Facebook Pages. Those Facebook Pages were  *DJ Gatsby Book Club (Fan Page & Group Page), *WB Media Group (Fan Page), *Who’s Who In African American Literature (Fan Page & Group Page), *The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby (Group Page).


The Nominees For the DJGBC 2014 Literary Awards Are Listed Below…



  1. LaDonna Marie
  2. James Gordon
  3. Phree Walls
  4. Dominique Christina
  5. Synnika Lofton


  1. Iris Bolling
  2. Mary Morrison
  3. Brenda Jackson
  4. Tamika Newhouse
  5. Victoria H. Smith
  6. Shan
  7. Delaney Diamond
  8. Jessica Watkins
  9. Beveryly Jenkins
  10. Ana E. Ross


  1. Natalie Kennerly
  2. James Gordon
  3. Tiah Short
  4. Sumayyah
  5. Silk White
  6. Simone Cannon
  7. Roberta Edwards
  8. Trish Cooke
  9. Jabari Asim
  10. Crystal Swain-Bates

Urban Fiction

  1. NeNe Capri
  2. Cole Hart
  3. Wahida Clark
  4. Kwan
  5. Jaquavis Coleman
  6. Ashley Antionette
  7. Jessiaca Watkins
  8. Leondra LeRae
  9. Racquel Williams
  10. JM Benjamin

Christian Fiction

  1. Jacki Edwards
  2. Reshonda Tate Billingsly
  3. Victoria Christopher
  4. Desiree Future
  5. H.H. Fowler
  6. Kimberla Lawson Roby
  7. Brenda Barrett
  8. Michelle Stimpson
  9. Kim Brooks
  10. Carl Weber


  1. Shatika Turner
  2. Ben Burgess Jr.
  3. Fallon
  4. Zane
  5. Marilyn Lee
  6. Jazmine Garner
  7. Nicety
  8. Anna Black
  9. Reality Way
  10. Pepper Pace

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