DJ Gatsby / WB Media Group Artist Spotlight Author & Poet James Gordon a/k/a G.P.A.

Hi, My Name is Bobo.: (A Weekend in the Life of a 5th Grader) (Step into the World of Bobo) by James Gordon

Some Poets & Authors use slick book covers, catchy book titles & low-budget book promoters to spam their books all over Facebook to make a name for themselves. But not this talented brother from ChiTown  a/k/a Chicago, IL. James Gordon also known as the Greatest Poet Alive lets his work speak for itself.

He never passes up the opportunity to make an appearances and performs his poetry to any and all who have love for his poetic genius. His dedication to his craft has made him one of the most beloved Poets/Authors in the business. He has written books of poe.try that captivate the essence of who he is and what he represents.

Never one to sit on his reputation he has written “Hi, My Name Is Bobo”  a children’s book to encourage both young and old a like to believe in themselves and keep striving to make their dreams come true.


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