DJ Gatsby Book Club Authors Spotlight: Phree Walls “Shattered But Not Broken”

Author's PhotoAuthor Natasha Phree Walls, a loving mother, phenomenal writer, poet, and motivational speaker, who was raised in Del City, Oklahoma and lived in Hanford, California before she migrated to Charleston, SC., She is also the founder/CEO of A Word Spoken Poetry Production which is dedicated to the movement of poetry and self expression. Author Phree Walls developed an aspirant appetite for literature at a very young age. This is when she began to write poetry and short stories with an ambition to inspire and give voice to the voiceless. Her talent became a tool of healing for herself as well as others, by her exceptional ability to use words to evoke emotions and describes life’s situations in a meaningful way. 

download (19)“Shelly Long, a very successful Doctor originally from Las, Vegas, Nevada fights constantly to draw a line across her atrocious childhood. Her flamboyant lifestyle of being a highly attractive, wealthy mistress seeking nothing but, what an unavailable man can financially provide for her. Driving around town in her hot-spicy red 1965 Chevy Malibu SS Convertible fully restored, always looking and smelling good with the masque of a smile, dissembling who she really is behind the doors of her true misery. 
The life of her two foster sisters Whitney and Sweets portray the critical perspective of weak women, in the eyes of Shelly. However, she is possessed with sin and bonded by her own bitterness and hate towards Christ. What will Shelly do when the tables turn and her fabulous life becomes pieces of pain shattering right before her? 
This debut novel by a talented new novelist breaks all the rules and will keep you reading from sunup to sundown. Don’t miss this one!”

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