DJ Gatsby Shines The Spotlight On Author Elva NelsonHayes and her books The Island Love Song & The UnNamed

pizap.com13951545822881Elva NelsonHayes is an author, artist, and a teacher. The UNNAMED, her freshman project, is an autobionovel, a work of urban fiction that reads like an autobiography.

elva 6The UNNAMED (Paperback) By Elva Nelson Hayes

The UNNAMED chronicles Opal’s journey as she struggles to overcome identity issues stemming from being improperly named at birth by her feuding teenage parents. The story takes you on an emotional ride with Opal. When you meet her she is a young girl from very humble beginnings, overwhelmed with the realization of the entire spectrum of negative stigma assigned to children, such as her, who are born in the projects and born out-of-wedlock.  Through her journeys for self-acceptance and self-empowerment; you will also see the teenage parents’ characters grow as the story develops. The UNNAMED opens in the 69th village projects of the author’s hometown Oakland, California. It’s the summer of 1965. The story is captivating and riveting from beginning to end.

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The Island Love Song: An Erotic Romance  (Paperback)   Elva NelsonHayes

Skye has spent the last ten years of her life dedicated to propelling her fashion designing career and putting all three of her daughter through college singlehandedly. Thinking herself to be too busy building her career to have time to dedicate to a real relationship, she fell into the pattern of having shallow relationships that usually ended in disappointment. She finds herself heartbroken and sexually frustrated by her last attempt at a relationship. When she winds up on a tropical island with her attentive, sexy, but plutonic friend, Cleveland, this PG rated friendship gets hotter that the Fourth of July in Georgia.


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