DJ Gatsby Book Club “Books Of The Month” February 2014

“With our Feb 2014  DJGBC “Books Of The Month”   we are showing the variety & different taste in reading that our members have. The Topper Room is a book about Erotic BDSM, something I knew very little about but now seem to think a lot of people would enjoy it. Ain’t No Love 2 gives our Urban Street Lit readers a hard-hitting book that reminds us that the streets are always watching . Last but not least we have “I Am A Concealed Weapon” a short but powerful book that will both encourage & inspire you.


The Topper Room… A secret underground club owned by the sadistic Nikolai, is a place where the privileged go to enjoy the pleasures of the BDSM lifestyle. With the help of his childhood best friend Caleum, Nikolai’s Topper Room offers everything for the Master (Dominant) and slave (Submissive) to engage in.

Everything was going smoothly for the brothers bonded by blood years ago, until one fateful night when Senator Blakely pushes Nikolai too far. Thanks to the Senator’s antics, Nikolai and Caleum will push that bond to its limit. As they face the consequences for Nikolai’s actions and Caleum’s negligence, they risk losing everything they’ve worked hard to accomplish.

Mischief, murder, love and mayhem… Sit back and allow The Topper Room to take you into the dark world of BDSM and the twisted minds of Nikolai and Caleum.

aint no love 2 bom“AIN’T NO LOVE 2” BY WARREN SMITH

In this next installment the drama begins right where it left off In book one.  As Disco’s life hangs in the balance new characters emerge that bring a whole new level of drama to the crooked town of North Bellport.  The relentless Tien Law chases down a stolen shipment of cocaine but he isn’t the only one looking for it.  Master thief Jonathan price makes his debut in this action filled sequel along with a host of other destructive characters.  Prepare for the unexpected as old and new collide in this gritty return to the streets of North Bellport!

FEB 2014“I Am A Concealed Weapon” By Tumeki Griffin

How many times have you dared to dream only to have it stolen? Well today that stops now! Here stowed away in the pages of this book lies a Concealed Weapon. Not only will you be equipped with the most deadliest weapons that are a secret to most, you have also been assigned a partner. He is chosen to walk along life’s difficult terrain with you to protect you and to cover your blind spots. He is meek, mild, controlled, mysterious, but yet He is extremely dangerous! Together you will conquer anything that dare to stop you from reaching your dreams and goals in this life time. This book is a long-awaited answer to a prayer and a gift. The weapons that you will read as you flip through will divinely attach themselves to the areas of your life that have been starving unbeknownst to you. You will be refreshed, revived and renewed and well equipped to complete the plan for your life. By the time you complete this small yet powerful book, you may look like a Mack Truck, but when duty calls, you will transform into something out of this world! You will have the confidence to lift your voice and say, I Am A Concealed Weapon!

*All 3 Books are available @Amazon.Com


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