Author Warren Smith Is Back With His New Book “Aint No Love 2”

Author / Publisher Leo Sullivan is known for recognizing talent and he picked a winner when he decided to sign & publish Warren Smith’s first book Ain’t No Love. Now Warren is back with the second book in this series and it is sure to please all of his fans from the first book and gain him some new ones.

aint no love 2

“Ain’t No Love 2″Synopsis:

In this next installment the drama begins right where it left off In book one.  As Disco’s life hangs in the balance new characters emerge that bring a whole new level of drama to the crooked town of North Bellport.  The relentless Tien Law chases down a stolen shipment of cocaine but he isn’t the only one looking for it.  Master thief Jonathan price makes his debut in this action filled sequel along with a host of other destructive characters.  Prepare for the unexpected as old and new collide in this gritty return to the streets of North Bellport!


warren  2014


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