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The Book of Joshua I -Trust (Gems & Gents) (Volume 2) Paperback

by Iris Bolling  (Author)

CIA Operative Joshua Lassiter is always in the midst of danger. When an international incident requires his attention, the journey begins. In foreign territory with a ruthless King at the helm, Joshua finds himself rescuing royalty and a mysterious woman. Akande Ambree has a mission: kill the man who dishonored her family. Ready to give her life in honor of her country, it is Joshua that crosses her path. Life takes on a different meaning under the tutelage of a Lassiter in more ways than one. Love for your country or the sweet love of a man….. The choice comes with trust.

kennedee book 2

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? [Kindle Edition]

Kennedee Devoe (Author), Jill Duska (Editor)

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies is a story inspired by actual events
about a group of women who form a friendship in junior high school, and
follows them into adulthood. Life is heating up for Chloe, Sage, Emil, Talia,
and Kennedee. Loyalty, character, and integrity will be tested as they deal
with man issues, betrayal, and jealousy. But will the sisterhood be enough to
maintain the friendship? Or will the wounds be too deep to mend?


Do Me Baby (The Beaumont Series) (Volume 8) Paperback

by Angie Daniels  (Author)

When Debra Anderson agrees to take a three-day cruise, she has no idea she’ll be rooming with NBA star Rance Beaumont until after the ship has left the dock! After they agree to share the cabin, the bakery owner decides to let loose and have fun with her sinfully sexy cabin mate. The attraction between them is so undeniably irresistible, Rance proposes a no-strings-attached weekend fling. Debra jumps at the chance, only to learn there’s a lot to be said about—and done with—the oh-so-scrumptiously hot Beaumont.

Rance doesn’t believe in relationships—at least he didn’t before he met the beautiful plus-size diva. Long after the weekend is over he still can’t get Debra out of his head. Though he’s convinced that the flaming heat will soon extinguish, he finds himself more hot and bothered with each passing day. Worse, his feelings are starting to overshadow his judgment on the court. Just when he’s ready to risk everything, Rance discovers that Debra’s been hiding something. Will the news bring him to his knees—or into her loving arms?

danielle 2014 jan

The Circle: Fallon’s Story (THE CIRCLE SERIES) [Kindle Edition]

Danielle Santiago (Author), Ashley JaQuavis (Introduction)

The Porter’s are a family of young goons who have mastered every aspect of the game. From robbery, to drugs, to extortion; there is nothing that the infamous band of siblings havent been involved in. They devise a plan to escape to Mexico and retire at the height of their career…but the Feds came in. With the feds hot on their heels, ride with them as they make their way to Mexico to avoid the death penalty. Meet the Porters

carl  weber 2014

To Paris with Love: A Family Business Novel (The Family Business) [Kindle Edition]

Carl Weber (Author), Eric Pete (Author

Ripped from the pages of the New York Times bestselling series The Family Business, Carl Weber and Eric Pete bring you To Paris with Love, a solo story about their two most popular characters to date—the bright, sexy, and deadly Paris Duncan and her flamboyant and cunning twin brother, Rio.

It’s spring break and Paris Duncan is on the verge of graduating at the top of her class from Chi’s Finishing School, one of Europe’s most exclusive private academies. At Chi’s students not only learn the three Rs, but they also learn the deadly art of assassination.
Like most of her classmates, Paris is looking forward to going back home. She can’t wait to get back to the bright lights of New York City, where she plans on clubbing with her twin brother Rio, scarfing down her mom’s cooking, and wearing out her father’s credit cards. A family crisis puts an end to her trip home in favor of a solo trip to the French Riviera.
Rio Duncan has been accepted into one of the most prestigious law schools in the country and his father, LC Duncan, couldn’t be more proud of him. Unfortunately for LC, Rio has plans of his own, and they don’t include law school. If that weren’t surprise enough, Rio’s got a few more things to tell his dear old dad, one of which is that he is gay.
Now that he’s come out of the closet, Rio is in the wind. He’s headed to Europe to live life by his own rules and hook up with his sister for some fun in the European sun. Together Rio and Paris will do what they do best—have fun, find trouble, and break men’s hearts.
Travel with Weber and Pete to Europe, to see how Paris and Rio became the dynamic duo of the Duncan clan.

*January 2014 Recommended Reads From DJ Gatsby Book Club



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