DJ Gatsby Book Club Authors Spotlight: Author Davian R. Clifton “A Long Road To Redemption” (I, II & III)

DJ Gatsby Book Club Spotlights this talented young author and his first 3 books. These are the first 3 book he released and they all received favorable reviews.  We all should look forward to more great books from this talented writer


DAVIAN 1James “JR” Roberts is a successful middle-aged African American male. JR utilized his athletic abilities to obtain a college scholarship thus allowing him to get out of the drug game that he and his brother controlled. JR had the American dream of the good wife, three kids, house, business, and plenty of money and respect in the community. After a business deal goes bad, JR finds himself in jail and loses everything he had worked so hard to obtain. His house. His money. His family. As well as his reputation. This story details the trials JR experiences as he works to regain all he has lost. There are people and consequences from his old life who are determined not to make his journey easy. He discovers that it is a long road to redemption. It is an urban tale with a spiritual twist





DAVIAN 2This is the sequel to the popular literary work “A Long Road to Redemption”. JR has built his supper club to be the most popular entertainment spot on the east coast. He has also established himself as one of the most sought after public speakers in the country. He is making more money than he ever dreamed of but all of that matters not after the death of his mother and his son gone missing.
While dealing with running his business and his family, JR has to fight the desire to revert back to his street mentality in order to find his son. He has to decide does his responsibility to his family outweigh bringing the wrath down upon the city in order to find his son?






DAVIAN 3JR has written a best-selling book and become one of the country’s most sought after speakers. He is making more money than he could have ever imagined. With all of this success he still has to deal with some inner demons that threaten to take it all away from him.







To purchase these book please click on the link below..


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