DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Warren Smith “Ain’t No Love”

warren smith

Warren Smith is a native Long Islander from North Bellport whose love for writing fiction began at an early age.  After years of writing short stories he finally decided to test himself and write a full length novel that soon became his addiction.  “Troublesome” is the first book in a series of books that are soon to come.   Every hood has a story to tell and Warren Smith translates every gritty detail that he has lived and portrays it in his writing.  “It’s been a long and bumpy road and at times during my journey I left that road in search of an easier route.  That route brought me to places where the money was fast and death was always around the corner.  No matter what I gained I always lost just as fast and was left standing back at square one, the bumpy road.  I’ve learned not to stray from the road.

warren smith book

Book Description
Publication Date: December 2, 2013

When a drug kingpin who was thought to be murdered twenty years earlier re-appears as a ruthless crack head named Disco, the streets of North Bellport are thrown into a frenzy. Old friends turn into bitter enemies as Disco wages an all-out war on those responsible for gunning down him and his wife in cold blood on their wedding night.
Pieces of his past slowly begin to take form due to the help of an unknown source. A new family soon emerges to help Disco in the fight of his life as he struggles with his crack addiction and not knowing who he can trust. On his way to regain the power that he once held, Disco meets a new threat that is more formidable than any other adversary that he ever faced.
In this fast paced world of greed where murder and betrayal is the norm and money is power, only one can be king in the crooked streets of North Bellport, New York.

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