WBMG Publishing wants to donate a copy of “Whos Who In African American Literature Vol. 1” to your favorite library


A few days ago I posted that I would be giving away copy’s of my book Who’s Who In African-American Literature Vol. 1 to 12 lucky readers during my “12 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway”. But then I received this email !!

Mr. Gatsby,

I heard about your “12 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway” and wanted to suggest that instead of doing that you should “Donate A Book A Day” to a Library so those who can’t afford to buy your book can go to the library and read it. There are a lot of us who do not have computers, kindles, smartphones or the money to buy your book. By doing that your book will be a blessing to many more less fortunate people.

God Bless You Mr. Gatsby


*Needless to say I will not be giving away books On-Line for the 12 Days Giveaway instead i am asking you to give me the names of your local library’s and I will “Donate A Book A Day” for the “12 Days Of Christmas Book Giveaway” to them on behalf of DJ Gatsby’s Book Club .
*Nominate your favorite library by sending an email to wbmediagroup@yahoo.com

*Please visit the WWIAAL website for more info on the book www.whoswhoinafricanamericanliterature.com

#WhosWho #DonateABook #SupportYourLocalLibrary #TeamGatsby


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