The World Is Waiting For “Who’s Who In African American Literature Vol. 1″ By Jeff ” Gatsby” Wilson

pizap.com10.066395502537488941385275266404Only one man is bold enough to try to help readers get past the slick advertising & on-line promotions to really get to know who is who  in African-American Literature today. There are New York Times Bestselling Authors & newcomers alike who are writing some of the most interesting books of our time. But you will never get to hear about some of them because they don’t have the  advertising budgets that the big publishing houses or large independent publishing houses have.

The  book Who’s who in African-American Literature levels the playing field so readers can get to know some of the most talked about authors in the business. We bring you face to face with the authors you need to get familiar with before you “One Click” another book. This WWIAAL book  series will consist of 3 books annually.  WBMG Publishing  will be publishing 5 other books featuring the top 5 genres that African-Americans read  and write about today.

The fact of the matter is that no longer will you just have to be hit with the constant online  posting and spamming to know Who’s Who in African-American Literature. That’s why I am brining you  a complete and comprehensive listing that will be published every 3 months to keep you introduced to todays hottest authors.

At the time of this posting the book Who’s Who In African-American Literature Vol. 1 does not have a release date.

Snapshot_6About the Author Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

Author Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

I’m a Blogger, Freelance Journalist, Public Access TV Producer, Talk Show Host and fan of all genres In African-American Literature  who am I you ask ? I’m Jeff “DJ Gatsby ” Wilson and I have  decided to release my  first book featuring  Authors. I am somewhat well-known as the founder of DJ Gatsby Book Club and WB Media Group and I  have spent over almost 3 years meeting, interviewing and getting to know hundreds of African-American Authors & Publishers.

After moving to Southern Maryland from New York in 2011 I started DJ Gatsby Book Club and they I went on to  present my  1st  Annual “Urban Literary Awards” Presentations in 2012. Also in 2012 I obtained my Television Production Certification from the College Of Southern Maryland and became a Public Access Television Producer. Later on that year I went on to Produce & Host ”The Talk Show With DJ Gatsby” becoming the first graduate from the ”Digital Media Certification” program to do so. My TV Show “The Talk Show” airs on the Comcast & Verizon Public Access Cable TV Channels In Charles County, Maryland.

In 2013 I started the WB Media Group which brought all of my ventures under one umbrella. WBMG became not just an Advertising & Marketing Company dedicated to helping Authors promote their books and build their brands but the Executive Television Producers for “The Talk Show” , Manager & Booking Agent for my ”Disc Jockey” career and now with the creation of my Publishing Imprint the WBMG Publishing Company I hope to make a significant contribution to the literary world by publishing a line of books dedicated to spotlighting the writers of today.

With the release of “Who’s Who In African-American Lit Vol. 1″ I hope to introduce todays fans and readers to some young and upcoming authors as well as some of the New York Times Bestselling authors they may not have heard of.

*The release of  ”Who’s Who In African-American Lit Vol. 2″ is schedule for April 2014, it will be published by WBMG Publishing and be available in both Kindle, Paperback, & a Hardcover Collectors Edition.

Thanks for your support and look for WWIAAL Volume 2 & 3 to be released In 2014

Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

WBMG/DJGBC Office: 914-483-9496


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