Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson Scheduled To Release “Who’s Who In African American Literature Vol. 1 In 2014

Jeff "DJ Gatsby" Wilson - Public Access TV Producer, Founder Of DJ Gatsby Book Club & CEO Of WB Media group
Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson – Public Access TV Producer, Founder Of DJ Gatsby Book Club & CEO Of WB Media group


This book is not intended to introduce you to all of the African American Authors writing fiction books today. What it is intended to do is give you a brief introduction to some of the most talented & talked about authors of 2013. While it may not include some of your favorite authors who have made a particular Bestsellers List it will feature a lot of authors who have. What I ask you to do is be support this project and take the time to read this book and learn as much as you can about each and every author mentioned in it. Please remember that every author who is featured in this book who takes the time to write & publish a work of fiction wants fans to do one thing and that is to read, review and appreciate their work.


Get Familiar With Jeff Gatsby Wilson The Self Proclaimed Authority On Contemporary African – Literature. I Read & Review All Genres, Urban Lit, Street Lit, Christian Fiction, Children’s Books, YA/Teen Fiction, Erotic Romance & More.
“Book Reviewer” Turned “Book Critic” So Ladies Put Your Big Girl Panties On Fellas Its Time To Separate The Men From The Boys.. #WhosWho #LoveMeOrHateMe#TeamGatsby

*The Official Released date has not been set & book cover pictured is not the Official Book Cover for this book..

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