DJGBC Amazon Book Review: “Dead Panties” By Author Celia Laratte Is “Powerful & Thought Provoking” !!


Jeff Gatsby Wilson poses for a picture with Celia Laratte at her “Dead Panties” Book Signing in NY, before doing for her TV Interview for “The Talk Show with DJ Gatsby

Celia Laratte was born in October 1956 in the city of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. In 1976, at the age of twenty, she moved to the United States. She decided to leave her country because she was abused physically and psychologically at the time. She is now married and a mother of two, living in the city of New York and working at Rockland Psychiatric Center and Rockland County Mental Health Association, helping people with mental disabilities for 28 years.

10268580_10203370338639804_2820282603368371073_nAbout The Book:

The name of this book, Dead Panties, was chosen because of what happened to the author’s neighbor. The ex-husband of this woman, whenever he argued with her, would take her panties, cut them up, and then throw them in the trash. Dead Panties is also an allusion to the death of the sexual appetite of thousands of women who are violated and murdered by their husbands and lovers. The author says she wrote the book as a way of getting this off her chest and as guidance for young people of both sexes about the dangers of domestic violence, and principally as a way of struggling against the silent violence that permeates homes throughout the world. May this story influence other people to face the fear and embarrassment and tell people what they are suffering or have suffered from their abusers.


10805708_10203093887328694_930179939303182026_nPowerful & Thought Provoking !!

Format: Kindle Edition & Paperback

“Dead Panties” By Author Celia Laratte is a book that every woman & man should read. It touches on a subject that a lot of women are afraid to talk about or even admit that they have been victims of. Domestic violence & abuse against women is addressed in this book in an attempt to put a face on the victims and allow you to understand how widespread this problem is around the world.I commend this author for telling these stories and giving us a powerful & thought-provoking book that will hopefully change the way we look at domestic violence in this country.

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