DJGBC Book Review: “My Brothers Keeper” Natalie P. Kennerly

my brothers keeper review5.0 out of 5 stars  – We Are Family ! October 26, 2013 By DJ GATSBY’S BOOK CLUB “DJ GATSBY” (WASHINGTON ,DC AREA) This review is from: My Brother’s Keeper (Paperback Edition)

Author Natalie P Kennerly has written a book that will appeal to both Teens & Young Adults. “My Brothers Keeper” tackles real life issues that our children face everyday. The book is written with a sense of realism that most other “Teen Fiction” authors fail to incorporate in their books.

I love the way the author describes the relationship between Craig and his sister Georgia as they go thru the pain of their parents not being in their lives. Georgia shows that she is very mature for her age she takes on the responsibility of looking after and protecting her younger brother. The author shows her talent for writing when the story takes a dramatic turn as Georgia’s longtime friend Christian seems to have eyes for her brother Craig.

I highly recommend the book for people of all ages because there is a message for everyone who read it, no matter how old you are. #TeamGatsby @NatalieKennerly @djgbc @DaBookKing

Click On This Link To Purchase This Book On Kindle Or Paperback :


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