“It Is What It Is” By Manswell T. Peterson & Brenda Stokes Lee

Amazon Book review: By DJ GATSBY’S BOOK CLUB

Says This about…. “It Is What It Is” By Manswell T Peterson & Brenda Stokes Lee
The wait is over and I love the latest collaboration from Manswell T. Peterson & Brenda Stokes Lee. It is a fantastic book that highlights the talents of both writers. Manswell T. Peterson brings the Drama, Mystery & Intrigue that he featured in his “One Last Cry” series of books while the “Erotic Romance” writer of “Georgia On My Mind ” fame Brenda Stokes Lee keeps the pages hot & steamy as only she can.

“It Is What It Is” follows three people who’s lives are all filled with Drama, Sex & more Sex. First there’s Mykal a bachelor & playboy who wants to try the married life and have a family. Then there is Suniya who just can’t seem to find the right man and is tired of pleasing herself with her vibrator when ever she get’s horny. And there is Victoria the rich hot & horny chick who likes big black, well you know the rest. Put them all together and you have It is What It Is” a Erotic drama that is sure to have you waiting for the Sequel.

I don’t want to spoil the book anymore than I have so I will end by saying “Bravo” Mr. Peterson & Ms. Stoke Lee “Bravo”.

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http://www.amazon.com/It-Is-What-ebook/dp/B00FD7SH1O/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_topit is sale

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