DJGBC “Book Of The Month” September 2013

New York Times Bestselling Urban Literary Duo,

Ashley & JaQuavis  “Book Of The Month”

Murderville 3: The Black Dahlia

black dalia Ashley & JaQuavis,  are Hip-hop’s first official Couple of Urban Fiction and are the youngest African American co-authors to make five appearances on the New York Times bestseller list.  At only age 28, the couple has co-authored more novels than any other literary duo their age.  Ebony magazine recognized their work last year, dubbing the duo a “Power Couple” and included them on their Ebony 2012 “Power 100” List.

Ashley & JaQuavis are also co-authors of the biggest selling series in contemporary urban publishing, The Cartel.  Now up to 4 volumes, with three hitting the New York Times list, the well-written and fast moving series has sold more than 300,000 copies. Cash Money Films has optioned the film rights to the series and is currently adapting the books into scripts for the big screen.

Murderville 3: The Black Dahlia, hit stores September 3rd, is the third release from Ashley & JaQuavis’ Murderville trilogy, and also the third release with CMC books, the book publishing company from Cash Money Records, the record label that is home to superstar artists Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake

ashley & jaquavis 2013

“Ashley & JaQuavis are two of the most creative young minds of this generation,” said Ronald “Slim” Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records and Cash Money Content books. “They are legendary story-tellers and have done it again with their latest release for us, Murderville 3: The Black Dahlia.  With Cash Money Content our goal is nurture young minds, and encourage our people to read.  There are many talented young people in our communities.  All they need is encouragement and stellar examples like Ashley & JaQuavis to inspire them.”

Murderville 3: The Black Dahlia is the follow up to last year’s hit, Murderville 2: The Epidemic and 2011’s Murderville.  The Black Dahlia introduces the story of Dahlia and her bloodstained ascent to power as she positions herself to take over the country’s Black Market.  The story finds Liberty back in her hometown, after leaving Po, but it’s only a matter of time before she comes face-to-face once again with the cold-blooded Black Dahlia.  Who will end up on top?  Will the Black Dahlia’s bloody reign come to an end?

About Ashley & JaQuavis

Ashley Antoinette Coleman and JaQuavis Coleman are not only a bestselling literary duo, but they are also a happily married couple with a three year old son.  Ashley’s New York Times bestselling solo series The Prada Plan caught the attention of Viacom networks who have tapped her to pen the Single Ladies series of novellas for MTV Books, adapted from the hit VH1 television series by the same name!  JaQuavis’ solo projects include his Dopeman series of novels, the upcoming novel The White House for legendary rapper Prodigy and “The Ruse,” a film he has written and is currently directing for the big screen for the couples’ Like Minds Films.

The Cartel 5: La Bella Mafia (Urban Books) by Ashley & Jaquavis Coming Oct 29, 2013

The Cartel 5: La Bella Mafia (Urban Books) by Ashley & Jaquavis Coming Oct 29, 2013

Past novels from Ashley & JaQuavis include: Dirty Money (2005), The Trophy Wife (2008), Supreme Clientele (2009) and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2009), and Murder Mamas (2011), to name a few.  However, it was The Cartel series that caused young readers and the publishing industry to take notice.

Portions of this article reprinted from the New York Times


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