DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Reginald A. Ward ‘The Church Hoe”

reginald ward pro pic 1 Reginald Antoine Ward, singer, poet, writer, model, and actor. A genuine renaissance man from the heart of Chicago, IL. Reggie was born and raised on the Westside and attended Westinghouse Career Academy before taking his talents abroad as a student at both Southern Illinois University and Robert Morris University. His degree in Business Administration is a testament to his belief that, “education teaches discipline.” However, he believes, “life experiences… mold you into the artist you are and will be.”

church hoe book cover final“THE CHURCH HOE”

Book Description

Publication Date:June 24, 2013
You hear about love triangles and trifling behavior outside the church, but what happens when it is brought inside the church? Sometimes things happen so unexpectedly you are at a loss for words. Kimberly, A well-known loose church goer, finds herself in a situation that might just take her all to overcome it.
Trying to overlook judgments from family, friends, coworkers and most of all church-goers, she finds herself in a struggle. Does she have what it takes to win or will it be a fight for life? Going to church trying to better herself, she finds herself feeling “worse” after leaving services. I thought the church was supposed to build you up and not, tear you down.
Kimberly on the other hand is battling in every single area of her life, spiritual, mental, relationships and friendships. Elise, Kimberly’s best friend is a goody-two-shoe until she finds a temptation she can’t quite resist. Do you fight your flesh or do you give in to what makes you feel good at the moment. Many morals and values are tested, like a battle between good and evil, right and wrong.

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