Authors Spotlight: Author K’WAN “Animal II”

pen & profit mag

Bestselling Author K’WAN  graces the cover of the May/June 2013 Issue of Pen and Profit$ Magazine.

kwan harlem book fair

I first met K’Wan at the 2012 Harlem Book Fair. He was chilling with the Cash Money Content  team of authors, Treasure Blue, “The Queen Of Street Fiction” Wahida Clark, And “Urban Lit’s Power Couple” Ashley & Jaquavis. When I walked over to talk to him he was standing with Author Eyone Williams from Washington,DC smoking a Newport & sipping on what I now think was Hennessey. He gave me some dap , I gave him a DJ Gatsby Book Club T-Shirt (I hit the whole team with them) and we took a few pictures. I chatted with him  for a few minutes more as he posed for pictures & greeted his fans and readers.

kwan at sylvias

The second time I met K’Wan was at the Essence Magazine Celebration given for Ashley & Jaquavis At 49 Grove Lounge In New York City. Although I arrived late I was just in time to get invited to go uptown to Harlem & have dinner with Him, His Lovely Wife, DC Bookdiva, Eyone Williams, Ashley & Jaquavis along with a few more invited guests at “The Worlds Famous Sylvia’s Restaurant”. We were seated in the Presidential Dining Room and sat at the table where President Obama & The First Lady Michelle had dinner.

Okay that’s my story about how I met this talented Author, you are going to have to read the article in Pens & Profits Magazine to learn more about ” The Master Of Urban Fiction” Author K’Wan  #writetoeat #iamlegend #niggawakeup.

Here are a few “Quotes: he recently left for his fans on one of his Facebook Pages…

kwan now

“I write from sun up to sun up, relentlessly working to perfect my craft not because I’m flushed with deadlines, but because I know there’s an unpublished author somewhere with a notebook, a 40 and two loosies staring at my book cover and listening to his stomach growl”. #niggawakeup #Write2Eat

“My goal with Animal 2 is to have a higher body count than Animal while still delivering a solid story. I’m all for blood and guts to lure you in, but murder alone does not a great read make. The body count is the bread, but a captivating storyline is the meat and cheese. Now let’s make a fucking sandwich”. #A2 #TeamAnimal

“Been working round the clock to get both of these novels ready for the end of the year. You already know #A2 is dropping in Oct. and that’s going to be a MONSTER and a fav of the gun clappers, but I’m also keeping the ladies in mind and releasing another Hood Rat novel for the new year. Revisiting the old cast, Billie, Reese, Yoshi, Ms. Pat as well as adding some new characters. The title of this installment of the series is hands down the best one and is going to leave some people speechless and give others something to talk about. Yup, I went there with it. Stay tuned”.

K’Wan is currently signed to Cash Money Content Publishing and working on Animal II and another book in the Hood Rat Series.

pen & profit logo

The magazines mission is to provide significant and practical solutions to help both authors and entrepreneurs whose struggle for success are similar accomplish their business and publishing goals. The magazine presents best practices in book publishing, business management, marketing, workflow and technology.

It is a magazine for authors needing to learn the business of publishing and entrepreneurs struggling to get their businesses off the ground or start a business. They realized that both authors and entrepreneurs have a lot in common and this magazine is dedicated to helping them both.

Pen and Profit$ Magazine is known for interviewing heavy hitters in book publishing and business. At least one featured guest in each edition is well known and very successful. One of the most famous people they’ve interviewed and featured has been 13 book, New York Times Bestselling Author-Michael E. Gerber.

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