DJ Gatsby Book Club Interview: Author Jannelle “Thirst II”

jannelle Jannelle is an Old Fort, North Carolina native, Jannelle is a  fresh face in African-American Contemporary Fiction. She became fascinated with the power of the pen at an early age. As a student at McDowell High School, Jannelle knew that she was destined to write. She honed her craft in Journalism, penning articles for her student paper and local dailies and continued at North Carolina A&T State University.   She credits her father for suggesting her to write books.  Currently, Jannelle has authored three titles “Wild Cards”. “Thirst” and “Thirst II”

She lives in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.

DJGBC: What is your favorite genre to read?

I’m  an avid reader, and I’ll read just about anything. I don’t really have favorite a genre, per-se. It depends on what I’m in the mood for on any given day. I’d read an autobiography   one day, and maybe some erotica the next.  Whatever peaks my interest, that’s what I’ll read.

DJGBC: How many books do you read a month?

When I’m not writing, on the average,  about 2-3 books  a month.  Every since I began writing, I don’t have the time to read like I want to. It is something that I will carve out some time for.

DJGBC: What are your thoughts on the e-book craze?

Technology is something else ((laughs))  The E-book craze is phenomenal.  Not only that the Kindle and Nook makes reading more convenient, it makes  reading interactive…Makes it engaging and it save a considerable amount of space in dens everywhere.

jannelle wild cardsDJGBC: Do you think paperbacks are becoming extinct?

While paperbacks and print as whole is on the decline, I don’t think paperbacks will become obsolete simply because you can’t beat the tangible. There’s nothing like touching the crisp sharp edges of the page and running that index finger on top of freshly printed words. There will always be groups of people who are indifferent to chasing technology.

DJGBC: How important is pricing?

I think pricing is critical. As an author, I want to make sure my prices are reasonable for me and for the reader. I’m not going to take all of your money, but at the same time, I’m going to make sure I make a profit.  Its also important to pay close attention to the market to make sure you don’t over or underprice yourself. This is why you see so many books priced at $2.99 or less. You don’t want to be outsold, so you follow the trend.

DJGBC: Is this a reflection of the authors’ worth?

No. It isn’t a reflection of the author’s worth. Downloading a book to your e-reader is no different than downloading songs on itunes. You see singles and albums by great singers sold at low prices, and that is not a reflection of their worth. Not by a longshot.

DJGBC: What advice would you give an aspiring author?

What I would say to aspiring authors is to be true to yourself and your voice. Your imagination knows no trend nor does it know genre. Don’t try to emulate the style of  other authors out here because its plenty of room for creative diversity in this game.  Secondly, know that you never, ever stop learning. I’m a fairly new author in the game and I sure as hell don’t know it all. I come from the world of journalism where  stories are told in a concrete manner instead of abstract, so I struggle with the concept of showing the reader what’s going on instead of telling them sometimes.  I also want to say keep writing. Just like everything else, you wont become a better writer unless you practice honing your craft.

DJGBC: What is your biggest obstacle being a self-published author? 

For me, the biggest obstacle of being a self-published author is fighting the stigma of it. Self-Publishing gets a really raw deal of being labeled as an inferior product.  Before the traditional deals, most authors self published to get their name out there and to develop their reader base. Traditional publishers and agents don’t allow unsolicited material, so what do you do? You build your product, nurture your product and refine it , and traditional publishers will come around eventually.

jannelle thirstDJGBC: What are your thoughts on the current state of literature?

I feel African American Literature is  thriving like never before. Right now, there are so many talented authors out here, and I believe we can develop our own version of the Renaissance if we would only work together, support each other and stop the petty “beefs” with one another.  Yes, the industry is cutthroat. Yes, its unwise to put your full trust into anybody, but at the same there are so many authors who are a well of knowledge. There are so many authors who care about the craft versus treating it as just another hustle. Those are the folks you’d want to build and network with.

DJGBC: Do you think the industry is over saturated with too many authors?

Yes just like any other branch of the entertainment industry. However real talent and the hard working will rise to the top regardless. I’m not concerned with the oversaturation. The only thing I’m concerned with is improving and being the best author I know I could be.

DJGBC: What is one word that best describes you?


DJGBC: What’s next for Jannelle?

I’m plotting  the third installment in the “Thirst” Series. I’m also reading some books to help me improve as a writer as well as reading for entertainment. I’m also continuing to push  the books that’s already released (Wild Cards, Thirst I and II)

jannell thirst IITo Purchase Books By Jannelle Click on One of the Links below…

 Amazon Author  page

Twitter   @jannelle12


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