DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Zoe & Yusuf Woods The Legend Of Billy D “The Awakening of A Don”

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Zoe Woods  entered the literary scene with the release of the Blood of My Brother trilogy, a saga created in dedication to and collaboration with her husband, co-author Yusuf Woods. A history relative to those within urban communities who are enthralled by street life resulted in her husband being sentenced to prison for many years and inspired them to share their work. Having witnessed the struggles and triumphs of her husband’s life, the direction that Zoë and her husband wanted to take their project was one that would encompass realism, showing a glimpse of history and the severity of consequences that often result from being caught up in this kind of lifestyle; including the devastation endured by the families of those who are entangled.
The child of an alcoholic mother who was often in and out of prison during her childhood and teenage years, Zoe found solace in activities that would allow her to express herself and if only for a short time, escape the negativity that surrounded her. Entering high school she continued to practice her love for art, design, and poetry, further developing her writing later in life with the collaborative series. When the opportunity was presented for her to release her debut, Zoe and her husband gave their all for the creation of one of their most powerful and personal stories and have not put their pens down. Since the release of the Blood of My Brother series, Zoe has also contributed to the Lipstick Diaries part II anthology with a short story titled Rush: The Sweetest Sin. She continues to develop stories in multiple genres with great unique substance while staying true to her passion and delivery with what is said to be a new generation of urban literature to her readers. Zoë considers her greatest gifts and sources of inspiration; life itself, being a wife, and a mother. In addition to enjoying the time she spends with her family, she is an enthusiast of education and is an advocate for the prevention and awareness of domestic violence.
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Author Yusuf Woods
With an ever present flair for entertaining and an impressive talent in creating captivating literature, Yusuf Woods, a Pennsylvania native penned his first novels, the Blood of My Brother series in collaboration with his wife, author Zoë Woods. Yusuf began writing through his love for literature and desire to share some of the true dangers of urban life that he has witnessed. His hopes were that his past experiences, the consequences he paid, and his knowledge of street life would entertain and show younger generations along with the world, that there are no real winners in the “Fast life.” Knowing firsthand how the death of people’s dreams, relationships, and spirits could happen so quickly; Yusuf used an innovative approach to present their debut to show the dark side of living the fast life as well as the temptations that seem so fascinating, yet are only consuming. Not only do he and his wife aim to provide literature that captivates and excites, they also unleash their distinct creativity to portray scenarios that are happening in urban cultures today. Being multifaceted in his writing abilities, added with an entrepreneurial spirit, Yusuf has set a precedent and demonstrated that there are other options and life choices that are imperative to successfully making it out of the street life. He and his wife Zoe continue to create new literature with the same depth and excitement that brought them into the literary industry. Yusuf also devotes his time to studying Islam, his family, being a father, and counseling others
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  1. Enjoyed these experiences very much! It’s great to see examples of how one can rise above and choose other options.


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