DJ Gatsby Book Clubs: 10 Things To Do To Support An Author


1.Buy Their Books & Avoid Pirated Sites

2. Always Click Like On Amazon & Click On The Tagged Descriptions Of Their Books

3.Leave Book Review Of Their Work On Amazon & Goodreads

4. Join Their Fan Pages

5. Share Their Links, Tell Your Friends About Them & Get Others Involved

6. Follow Them On Twitter & Facebook

7. Attend Book Signings & Book Release Parties

8. Visit Their Websites

9. Watch Televised Interviews & Listen To Radio Interviews

10. Participate In On-Line Book discussions

These are just a few of the many things you can do to help support your favorite authors.

For More Ways To Support Authors Visit

Follow DJ Gatsby Book Club on Twitter @djgbc or @djgatsbyx

And Watch Our On-Line TV Show Dedicated To Authors & Their Book Trailers


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