DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Dyphia Blount a/k/a Gemini Phoenix

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Dyphia is the best-selling author of the erotic/romance novel Dicmatized:  The Doctor Is In.  This book reach #5 top rated best erotica on Amazon after only three months and held the spot for approximately two months afterwards.  Dyphia has since then started a publishing company called, Gemini Phoenix Publications LLC where she reaches out to authors who are looking to become a team of supporters and change the way people view the publishing world.

Dyphia’s love for writing has become obvious to her friends and fans and will continue to grow with the hard work and dedication she constantly achieves.  She is also the Co-editor & Chief of Literary Lounge Magazine where she writes an advice column called, “Let’s Talk About With Gemini Phoenix.”  Please don’t hesitate to friend her on Facebook under Dyphia (Gemini Phoenix) Blount.  Her motto is: “Why try to fit in when you’re meant to stand out!”


you cant

Book Description

Publication Date:March 12, 2013
Ladies why are you always in the club, leaving your man at home or to do whatever makes him happy? If he’s not complaining about you being gone all the time, he’s probably not thinking about you or enjoying his freedom to be with the next chick. As soon as that guy approaches you asking, “Where is your man and why are you here alone?” you are leaving room for drama. Take care of home first before the one you return to is empty and you are left alone. If what you have at home isn’t all that you need, stop playing games and move on. Stop wasting his time and yours wondering what you can do to make your relationship better. Your struggle is with yourself because you don’t love and know yourself enough to understand your own worth. Take a walk with me through this brief journey and learn how to find a soulmate within yourself first and then the right man will find you!


Book Description

Publication Date:June 7, 2012
Dr. Lenese Stringfield Puts the “Sex” in Sex Therapy as she takes the profession by storm with her new and innovative techniques. Her seductive nature and sexy demeanor has her clients eating out of the palm of her hand; amongst other things. Lenese has loved once and lost. So, if she can’t be with the one she loves; she will love the one she’s with. But, amazing sex doesn’t come without a price tag. Too bad life has a lesson to teach this freaky therapist! She will soon learn that Karma is the “one bitch” that has everyone’s address. Fooling around with another woman’s husband is dangerous, but falling in love with one can be deadly.
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