DJGBC Authors Spotlight: T. Styles “Pretty Kings”

Pretty Kings (The Cartel Publications Presents) [Paperback]

T. Styles

Book Description
Publication Date: January 29, 2013
The Pretty Kings became the most notorious drug lords in the United States. This is how their reign begins. Bambi and her sisters in law have it all. They’re married to cousins of the highly respected Kennedy family, rich and hopelessly in love. As promised, the Kennedy Kings decide to get out of the drug game, after, a one hundred million dollar meeting with The Russians, whom they never met personally. First, the Kings have to return home from LA. But, while in a casino, something so devastating occurs, which their wives witness via video calling, that changes the wives lives forever. The next day, emotionally beaten, Bambi remembers the meeting with The Russians that is to take place on Saturday. Although grieving, she considers how life will be without her husband and penniless. Bambi tries to facilitate the meeting without their husbands but is unsuccessful. The Russians are expecting the Kennedy Kings only. Not wanting to miss and opportunity to take care of her family for the rest of her life, Bambi comes up with a plan. However, for this plan to be executed, the wives would have to take over their husbands identities. They must become the Kennedy Kings. If it works, they will continue to afford the lifestyle they are accustomed. If not, they might suffer a fate so brutal, death would be better.
t styles pic
Author, Publisher & CEO of Cartel Publication T. Styles

is the owner of the thriving publishing house, The Cartel Publications. With books on their roster like the Shyt List Series, she has bogarted her way to the top of the hip hop publishing industry.

With a goal to become one of urban fictions finest novelists, T.Styles, Essence Magazine’s best selling author of “Black & Ugly As Ever” and “A Hustler’s Son 2”, has launched her own company, The Cartel Publications. Born in Southeast Washington, D.C, she does a supreme job of weaving tales from her hometown.

She credits her creativity to God, the hundreds of DVDs she has in her collection and trailblazers such as Sister Souljah, saying that, “In order to be blessed, you have to pay homage to those who’ve paved the way.” Although writing is her love, she is certainly multi-talented. Having worked as a Certified Massage Therapist, Model and Public Speaker for major companies/organizations such as The Office of the US Supreme Court, Marriot, Carefirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Eduserc, she has discovered that her true passion is writing and publishing.

In addition to writing for major companies like, Triple Crown Publications, Kensington, and her own company The Cartel Publications, T spends her time speaking honestly about the issues she’s experienced with the law as a juvenile to steer others toward a more fulfilling life.

She has been featured on, The Urban Book, as one of the Most Underrated Authors, Don Diva Magazine, and for her contributions to the urban literary community with her prior releases and her new publishing company. She has also been featured in the Washington City Paper, the Baltimore Sun and Essence Magazine.

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