DJGBC Book Review: “Theresa In Wonderland” By Dominique Wilkins

dominique theresa 1
4.0 out of 5 stars I Never Saw This Coming !!, January 18, 2013
By DJ Gatsby Book Club “CG” (New York City, New York) – See all my reviews

Dominique Wilkins takes Theresa thru circumstances that could only be imagined by a twisted mind & or a gifted writer. The book starts off with Theresa walking home from school on a normal day only to be attacked by a jealous classmate & has her life changed forever. Although she never fully recovers from the horrific outcome of the incident that day she goes on with her life to become a wife & a mother. But little does she know that there are more tragic events to deal with as she tries to live a normal life. Take a trip with “Theresa In Wonderland” & you will realize that in life, sometimes everything that can go wrong does go wrong…


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