DJGBC Book Review: “Georgia On My Mind” By Brenda Stokes Lee

georgia5.0 out of 5 stars Tintillating Sexual Encounters…., March 17, 2013
By DJ Gatsby Book Club “CG” (New York City, New York) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Georgia On My Mind (Kindle Edition)

If you’re curious about erotica then “Georgia On My Mind” is the book for you. As the story begins Georgia “Peaches” Porter long-term boyfriend Charles is “working late” between the thighs of Mercedes on his office desk. This is just one of the many explosive, titillating sexual encounters being told in this modern day Cinderella story .
Peaches worked three jobs, including her startup design business to support her and Charles since college and his five failed attempts at the law bar. She paid the mortgage on the house they lived in not to mentioned the car note on the Lexus he drove while she drove a “hooptie”. Charles promised to marry her once he passed the bar, but he asked Mercedes to be his wife instead when he was officially a lawyer. And needless to say all hell breaks loose when Peaches finds out that she is not the intended bride-to-be. Now in comes Rashawn, whom Peaches babysat as a teenager. He comes back into her life at the right moment to help her through the breakup with Charles. Months later they start dating but it did not last & they break up, only to get together again. Great Book Brenda Stokes Lee !!

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