DJGBC Book Review : F Gee Heyward “Game Like Honey”

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F. Gee Heyward is the author of Essence bestselling ‘hood classic Game Like Honey, and the recipient of the 2011 Brio Award for poets, fiction & non-fiction writer’s

game like honey
DJ Gatsby Book Club Review By: Avid Reader Robert Jones
Game like Honey, Oh what a tangled web. This fictional tale starts off like so many other street novels however, it takes several twists and turns along the way. The ending is like nothing you would ever imagine. An exciting tale of one brothers transformation from a regular player of the game to an upscale, refined, cultured, smooth educated player.

After, starting out in the game and having good success on the streets of New York, Markio is arrested and sentenced to several years behind bars. Forced to leave everything he knows behind, he accepts his fate and tries to hold onto the only thing that truly matters. His son and his true love Shantell. Being apart from his family is difficult but he has no choice. This separation proves too much for Shantell, she decides to move on with one of his associates. Markio is devastated and feels betrayed and swears revenge to all that have betrayed him. As fate would have it he becomes friends with a former master of the game while incarcerated and his true education begins. A full on transformation and identity change and an education money can’t buy. After being released, he teams up with another of his mentor’s creations who also has a score to settle and “let the game began”. The “game” is real!!!

F.Gee Heyward is a skilled and talented new writer that writes it like he sees it. He writes with a realism that is missing from some of the writers of today. I feel this is due to his street credibility, he has first hand knowledge of the streets and has lived these urban experiences.
This story is full of twists and turns and very entertaining. If you enjoy tales from the street this is a great read and will not disappoint.

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