DJGBC *Book Of The Month Feb 2013: Ashley Antionette “The Prada Plan 3: Green-Eyed Monster “

ashley today

This national best-selling authors hit the scene at the ripe age of 17 when
New York Times Best-selling author, Carl Weber discovered her. During her
freshman year in college she received publishing deals and has not looked
back since. With the smash hit novel The Prada Plan, she has solidified herself
as one of the best authors in the game. With a roster over 20
novels published and a hefty ghostwriting resume she has made a successful
career for herself.
She has appeared in publications such as Essence,
Vibe, XXL, KING, and DON DIVA. Setting precedents she along with her husband & writing partner Jaquavis Coleman  have also struck a
book deal with Baby and Slim of Cash Money Content.

prada plan 3

Book Description

Release date: January 29, 2013 |
Series: The Prada Plan
Leah has been trying for years to get rid of her competition, and all her crazy scheming has finally paid off-or so she thinks. Now that YaYa is out of the picture, she’s ready to step into her shoes and have the life she always dreamed of. The scars that she earned in the fire almost seem worth it if they mean she’ll finally be able to have all the money, the family, and most importantly, to have Indie’s love to herself. There’s only one problem. Disaya Morgan isn’t dead. She survived the fire too, and she’s healing under the watchful eye of one very powerful woman who’s ready to help put YaYa on top. With her newfound connections, YaYa could have Leah taken out with the snap of her fingers-but that’s not good enough for her. The only way YaYa can battle the demons that are still haunting her is to finish Leah off herself. YaYa is out for blood. There can only be one winner, and these two are on a collision course that could send one of them straight to hell. Ashley Antoinette is back and better than ever with the third installment of The Prada Plan series. A case of mistaken identity left readers reeling at the end of part 2, but part 3 is a heart-pounding saga that will leave you breathless.

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