DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Brenda Stokes Lee “Georgia On My Mind”

brenda 1Who Is Brenda Stokes Lee?

Who am I? Good question! Well, most of you know me as Brenda Stokes Lee an Erotic Romance author. What you may not know is that Brenda Stokes Lee is a publisher, writer, novelist, screenwriter and a good old fashioned, down home storyteller who refuses to let a little thing like the truth come between her and a good story. Brenda was born in a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, but was raised in the Washington, DC Metro area. She is a A Morgan State University graduate who worked in the medical field for over thirty years. She is an Indie Author who published her first novel, All Mye Queen’s Men on Christmas Eve 2011. Since then she has continued to expand her catalog one book every sixty days or so. Brenda writes in almost every genre except horror. She is creative, funny and full of tall tales of love, mystery, action, fantasy and intrigue. Brenda is the 2012 BRAB Book Club Best Erotic Romance Novel Award Winner and she spares no expense to entertain you. Her books are an eclectic blend of romance, drama, comedy, action and erotic fire. Marching to a unique rhythm, Brenda Stokes Lee is determined to make you laugh, cry and most important, make you feel alive.

On a personal note… Brenda is happily divorced, has two great children, two beautiful grandchildren, a handsome son in-law and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her loving and supportive family

Georgia on My Mind Summary:georgia

 Interior Designer, Georgia Porter, aka Peaches is a strong independent woman who is holding it down for her man. Charles is her first love has been with Peaches since high school. An opportunist, he shamelessly allowed Peaches to put him through college and Law School. He promised that he would marry her just as soon as he passed the Bar. Unfortunately, almost ten years later Charles has not been able to pass the Bar. And the beautiful Peaches is still single, thirty pounds heavier and paying all of the bills. You see stress and pressure has weighed heavy on Peaches and she’s let herself go. She’s gained a lot of weight and unbeknown to her Charles has been searching for love in other places. But things are looking up for Peaches as she is about to discover. Peaches was one big contract away from a breakthrough in her career. She had just landed a huge contract to decorate the mansion of a mega R&B Singer named Miracle. As if that wasn’t enough good news Charles finally passed the Bar. Peaches is ecstatic as she expects Charles to be a man of his word and honor his promise. Less than an hour later she gets a voicemail from Charles to meet her at an expensive, romantic restaurant. He had something that he wanted to ask her. Happy days are here again! Peaches thought that finally all of her prayers had just been answered. Charles was going to ask her to marry him. Unfortunately, Peaches arrives at the restaurant just in time to witness Charles proposing to another woman. Charles was on his knees presenting the ring of her dreams, on her day to a beautiful, sexy woman. Shocked, hurt and mad as a woman slapped in the face with an active bee hive Peaches gives Charles the beat down of his life. Luckily for Peaches she caught the eye of a handsome young man as she entered the restaurant. This man instantly recognizes Peaches from the past, but did not get the opportunity to speak with her before the attack. Peaches was his babysitter when he was ten years old. Sixteen when they met, the ten year old had a major crush on Peaches. In love with Charles and obviously too old for him Peaches hardly acknowledged that he even existed. Still she instantly recognizes him as Peanut the little boy she used to babysit long ago. He quickly intervenes and pulls her off of Charles. And he helps her escape the restaurant right before the police arrive. Rashawn and Peaches reconnect that night. Peaches is distraught over her weight gain and losing Charles’ love because of it. Rashawn offers to help Peaches get back in shape and lose the extra weight. Peaches accepts his offer and the two began to work out daily. Soon their relationship turns from a friendship to a friends with benefit relationship. See what happens when these two men battle over this big, bold and beautiful woman.
WARNING! Georgia on my mind is an Erotic Romance. It has strong language, explicit sex scenes and is not recommend for anyone under age 18.
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