DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Author Dominique Wilkins “Theresa In Wonderland”

dominique pro picHello Readers!! I am pleased to present you with various books,in the realistic fiction genre, but not written in the normal style. These books are all written in and around everyday life events. You or someone that you may know will identify yourself with these characters. These books are all written with a comedic tone and sarcasm in hopes for you to not only enjoy the books as you revisit these familiar scenes and activities, but to receive the messages at the end. You may now question, who authorized me to deliver messages to anyone? The answer is simple. I have no authority by the city, state or country to pass judgement or advice. I am simply a Chicago born young lady, who has often shared your stories or even lived these lifestyles as well. As an adult, with a past, I’ve been blessed to be able to tap into my inner worth and see the error of these ways and now, I am simply doing what someone did for me: paying it forward. With stories, that I write for you to love! So, enjoy and please leave your feedback and share with others- the books that you find enjoyable, so that we can all share the experience!!

Thank you for your support and stay encouraged, Dominique Wilkins

dominique theresa 1Theresa survives a near death experience and is so grateful for life, she puts the incident so far behind her, that she takes herself out of the real world and into wonderland. Suddenly, when the real world comes crashing into wonderland, she is forced to deal with her loved ones dying, lying and hurting her all at once. Too much to take. Will she take it and bounce back or take her life instead?

dominique 3

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