DJGBC Authors Spotlight: The 8 Erotic Authors Of “V.I.P 2”


         Kevin Allen,Metawriter (1975 – and still going) Born in Jamaica and raised until the age of 10. I then migrated to Cambridge MA and attended the Charles G. Harrington middle school and then Somerville High school. I have always found myself to have a deeper understanding of words and their connotation than most people do. I also saw the comical sides to words with dark meanings and the darker meaning to words that were supposed to be kind; trust me they’re there. Wordplay has always been one of the more fascinating things to me. I began writing small bits of information. In 1996 I completed and copied “Deadly Sinners”, still available in Library of Congress. Today I am working on: Into the Vein”, which will be my first completed novel along with it’s sequel. Here’s to 2012.

Shawn Hicks is the C.E.O. and President of Brok’n English Publications, with the goal of providing a medium for telling his literary works. He received his A.A.S in Video Arts from Borough of Manhattan Community College, and he’s currently receiving is B.A. from Brooklyn College for Television & Radio, and Film Studies.  He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

K. Michael Williams is a freelance writer. He enjoys films, spends way too much time watching television, and also takes time out for reading and, of course, writing. He hopes to bring a little pleasure to the world with his writing and other creative endeavors. Among his many hobbies, he fools around with 3D imagery and animation. He lives in New York City with his wife and children.

Aaron Bebo is intent
on promoting literacy as he feels it is a needed tool for those who exist in
neighborhoods that are low-income. “Literacy is the key to comprehension
and comprehension is the key to all other doors.” Aaron has lent his time
speaking to students in the South Florida school system. He also runs a
literacy correspondence program with several incarcerated individuals, including
his son who is currently serving a ten-year sentence in Sullivan correctional
facility in Fallsburg, New York. Aaron has also ghost written two novels
outside the street fiction genre that have been published. He is also co-author
on the forthcoming title Boo Thang with author La’Tonya West. Aaron is set to
release his next full novel titled ‘The Finished Product. ’In between his debut
CFAD he has started releasing a series of short stories touching on several
genres titled Long Story Short, the first two releases from the series are
Accidental Nut and Mischievous currently available on Amazon.

CLARK WILLIAMS,For as long as he can remember Clark Williams has always had a passion for writing. Having been a former collegiate athlete who majored in Journalism, he worked as a correspondent for a Metro-Atlanta periodical before deciding to further hone his craft in Los Angeles as well as continuing his pursuit of a Master’s of Fine Arts degree. In addition, Clark has had his far share of dalliances with love and relationships; some good, some bad, but all having left an imprint, albeit if even a small one. Collectively however, each experience has helped to serve as great inspiration in his current involvement with the explosively erotic VIP series.
Mike O, A Winston-Salem, NC native, Mike O has managed to step outside of his comfort zone in the construction industry holding an A.A.S. In Construction Management/Carpentry, and penned a few competitive novels and short stories, starting with the release of his first novel based on his true life story “1000 Grams” in Oct 2011. Since that release, he has release a trilogy of short stories entitled “The Fakebook Chronicles” Vol 1-3 (For the Love of Money). “Til Death Rips Us Apart” was the second complete novel that landed a deal and is currently not on sale, but will be again under a new name. Street lit is what is embedded in his DNA, but in VIP 2, he lays the guns, drugs, and street vernacular down, tackling his first erotic tale. “Lethal Injections”. Juggling 2 careers isn’t easy, but Mike O seems to find the time to build buildings and write in his spare time, with the goal to deliver the best product possible.
Benjamin Patterson, was born and raised in New Orleans, LA.  He served in the Marine Corps for five years.  He penned his first novel titled Stuff Happens after Hurricane Katrina.  He has always had a love for writing but recently began to share with others.  His second published work is V.I.P. 2  and he plans to put out more releases
Jerrice Owens,  graduated from Ole Miss with a background in written and spoken language.  He began his career writing screenplays and transitioned to book a few years ago.  He is the author of several novels of Christian and erotic fiction.

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