DJGBC Book Of The Month October 2012: Kwan “Animal”

In 2002 K’wan hit the scene with his debut novel Gangsta, under Triple Crown Publications. It was the first novel released by the budding house and would eventually become the building block for what is now a multimillion dollar company. What started as a therapeutic release went on to become a part of urban-lit history and an Essence bestseller, as well as drawing rave reviews overseas.After penning his second novel, Road Dawgz (2003), K’wan drew the attention of St. Martin’s press. The literary powerhouse quickly signed K’wan to a multi-book deal, the first of which being Street Dreams (2004). In 2008 he received the Black Author of the year award from Black Press Radio for the novella Blow.K’wan’s titles also include Hoodlum (2005), Eve (2006), Hood Rat (2006), Flexin & Sexin: Sexy street tales vol. 1 (2007), Blow: A G-unit novella (2007), Still Hood (2007), Gutter (2008), Section 8 (2009), Flirt: An anthology (2009), From Harlem with Love: A short (2010), The Leak: A Hood Rat Short (2010) Welfare Wifeys (2010), Gangland (2011) and Eviction Notice (2011). K’wan is also the author of several dark fantasy novels written under a pseudonym.Since his insertion into the publishing world K’wan has been featured in Vibe, Pages, King, Felon, Big News, The Library Journal, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Press, Clutch and most notably Time Magazine, to name a few. He was also interviewed by MTV News for a feature on Hip-Hop fiction, and a guest on Power 105’s morning show as well as NPR (national public radio). In addition to being an accomplished author, K’wan is also a motivational speaker, mentor to at risk children and the C.E.O of Black Dawn, Inc.K’wan currently resides in New Jersey where he is working on his next novel.

Kwan Is Currently Signed To Cash Money Content Publishing

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“Animal” By Kwan

One bullet changed everything.

Three years after narrowly escaping a one way trip to the gas chamber, the fugitive known only as Animal finds himself drawn back to the scene of the crime, Harlem, NY.

Throughout his entire time in exile the only thing that kept Animal going was the thought that he would one day be reunited with his soul mate, Gucci. But one bullet changed everything.

When his enemies tried to murder Gucci they crossed the line, so he vowed to cross them all. While Gucci teeters between life and death Animal sets out on a bloody mission fueled by love and orchestrated by bullets…there would be no more innocents.

Alliances are formed and secrets uncovered while Animal wages his personal war on the streets of Harlem only to discover one great truth….he is but a small piece in a much greater puzzle.

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5.0 out of 5 stars One dangerous Animal!
They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, if that’s the case, then Tashawn has frozen his enemies to death! Once again, the master of malicious murders has stomped an “Animal” sized hole in the street lit industry! Kwan delivers an epic release in his sixth “Hood Rat” novel! After giving the masses mouth watering food for thought with “Love and Gunplay”, the big homie connects the dots while crafting a masterpiece! Perfectionist…K’wan is thy name!
5.0 out of 5 stars A Masterpiece delivered by the King of Urban Fiction,
By Naomi (Baltimore, Maryland)

Animal…Kwan has done it again! This book reads like a movie . It’s so well written the visuals in your mind play in vivid color and has you anticipating the next scene. Ashanti has grown into a man and Zo’s love interest finally admits that she has fallen. Animal and Gucci’s love for one another leaves you believing that true love does exist and although you know this is a work of fiction you believe everything to be true. It takes true talent to successfully do what Kwan has done repeatedly and leaves no question as to why he is the King of urban literature. In the end, this story, as with all of his others books, Kwan makes your jaw literally drop when he hits you with the bomb. Again we are left cheering for Animal and Gucci in a way that draws tears to your eyes and hope that Animal will be able to finally find peace with his love. At some point the story will end but leaves you wanting so much more.


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  1. MT says:

    Just finished reading Animal ,and it was a damn good book! Can’t wait to see if there will be a sequel to it. Looks like it would. Its a must read.


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