Authors Spotlight: Jerrice Owens “Swimming With Sharks”

Jerrice Owens has always been a fan of well-written African American novels, however he noticed a recurring trend of female lead characters. He felt a need to reach out to the male population, who are the lowest reading demographic, by offering a three-novel series aimed at their interests. Written for mature audiences, “Swimming with Sharks” (ISBN 1456591207) illustrated by Michael Krider, offers readers a dramatic, steamy story to enjoy and to improve their literacy.

Juhmel Jefferies works hard at a graphic design firm in downtown Tampa, Florida. His current goals in life include a promotion to an opening in the company and getting his sexy co-worker, Monica, in bed. When his boss gives the position away to Eric, a young man from Haiti, Juhmel is beyond disappointed. He gives Eric a hard time, but his new supervisor plans on making amends with him.

Eric finally resorts to perversion in befriending Juhmel, and he recruits him to make artwork for his new apartment. Readers watch as Eric and Juhmel navigate the exciting world of their 20s. The novel, told in their alternating perspectives, allows readers into the mind of the young men as they go from party to party and woman to woman, learning about love, lust and friendship.

“I wanted to create a story that African American males can relate to,” Owens says. “The content is raw and the characters are honest enough that readers can walk away feeling like this book is about people similar to them and their lifestyle.”

With the help of Krider, “Swimming with Sharks” is one of the first urban erotic fiction novels to be illustrated. Owens uses events and situations typical to the life of his readers in order to get them interested in reading. He hopes his series can entertain as well as teach a few of life’s important lessons.

“Swimming with Sharks” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

Jerrice Owens earned his bachelor’s degree in foreign language education from the University of Mississippi. He taught Spanish, Italian and theatre for a number of years.

Michael Krider has been a professional illustrator since 1991, specializing in digital media. He currently resides in Jackson with his wife, Mary.


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