DJGBC Interview: Author David L “Represent”


  1. I am from Brooklyn, New York a.k.a. “Planet Brooklyn”.  Born and raised.  It probably got it’s nickname because it      is so diverse and heavily populated and also because it is known for being      a place “like no other”!
  2. My latest news, accomplishments (whatever you want to call it) is      a new endorsement deal with the one and only Absolut Vodka brand.  They are promoting a new vodka called      Absolut Brooklyn which I am a proud endorser of the product because it’s      the city I represent.  I’m also an      endorsement recipient of Bath & Body Works fragrances.  The big screen movie deal for my latest      title, Represent has been inked and they are expected to have everything      completed by sometime in summer of 2013.       My next book (#5) should also be released sometime around summer of      2013.  The tentative title is      “Revenge Is A Promise”.
  3. I’ve been writing since I could remember.  Put a pen (or crayon) In my hand and I      will put words together like no one else can!  I actually used to write and create      wrestling magazine and comic book concepts when I was a kid.  I began writing professionally sometime      around 2003 when I released my first title (which is no longer available)      under a Canadian imprint publishing company.  I’ve always enjoyed writing because I’ve      always had an over-active imagination and whenever I watch a movie, I like      to come up with my own clever endings for it – in written form.
  4. I first considered myself a writer again back when I was a kid      writing wrestling magazines and comic books.  I began taking it more seriously about 8      years ago and made the conscious decision to get my writing out to a      larger audience.  Hence, I decided      to become published and get my books out to the masses.  The rest is history.
  5. My own drive for perfection was my inspiration to writing      books.  As an avid reader and writer      growing up, I would always read novels and/or watch movies in which I felt      there were several “holes” in the plot narrative.  So being the perfectionist that I am, I      would conceptualize an alternate storyline with the same overall theme      concept and go from there.  As far      as my first book (which was called It’s Like Butter Baby and then later      re-named My Life Is A Movie), I intertwined several story plots (Cooley      High, The Wood, Do The Right Thing and others) and put it out under my own      publishing imprint, Total Package Publications, LLC.
  6. I wouldn’t say that I have a “specific” writing style.  My style is very unique in the sense      that I purposely do my best to not follow any trends, and instead – become      a trendsetter for those that come after me.  If I had to label my style, I would call      it “abstract deviant” because it deviates from the norm in the sense that      a lot of my imagery, first person versus third person schematics, and plot      synopsis is already created before I actually begin writing.
  7. All of the titles for my books are very well thought out and have      some form of symbolic meaning to them.       At the uncaring risk of taking any subliminal shots at any other      authors, many of the titles out now are carbon copies of present or past      hip hop songs (writer’s note – my latest title, Represent is actually also      a song written by Nas off of his first album but the title fit so      perfectly I decided to keep it anyway!)       For Over Your Dead Body, the title is a play on words because so      many of us have used the phrase: “over your dead body” to signify their      seriousness about whatever point they are trying to make.  With “My Life Is A Movie”, it is stating      that the reader will easily identify with the main character and      appreciate the connection from all of the similarities – both male and      female.  Consequently, the reader      can insert themselves into the story and the “movie” will be about them!  With “Chalk Outline Confessions: The      Remix”, the reader is simultaneously reading the story while at the same      time, listening to the main character “confess” her story to her      psychiatrist.  The main character is      a female serial killer on the run from FBI so the “chalk outline” was      thrown in there to illustrate the genre of the novel.  In “Represent”, the main character has      to “represent” who he is (a typical middle 20’s male leading the classic      middle class lifestyle and what his family wants him to transform himself      into (a calculating killer whose only goal is to bring in more money to      the family business by any means necessary).
  8. One thing I can guarantee to the reader is that I will deliver a      well-timed message in all (presently four) of my novels.  Whether it is a message about right      versus wrong choices which ultimately lead to positive versus negative      consequences (My Life Is A Movie, Represent), the concept of minor      problems escalating into conflicts of major proportions in which there is      no turning back from either party (Over Your Dead Body) or one’s own moral      choices and how they view what is right and wrong based on societal views      (Chalk Outline Confessions: The Remix).
  9. The notion that books written by fiction authors are not realistic      is totally incorrect – at least speaking from the novels I have      penned.  Each novel of mine can      easily translate to how someone connects to it because I purposely try to      construct storylines that the general reader can relate to.  With the exception of Chalk Outline      Confessions: The Remix in which a female serial killer is weaving in and      out of various cities killing off men leading double lives in retaliation      to her husband who was murdered by his undercover lover, all of my      storylines have a plot that the reader can readily relate to or can relate      to one of the characters in the novel because either the reader or someone      they know went through something similar.
  10. Books that inspire or educate (or both) have been the ones that      influenced my life the most.       Examples include, but not limited to: Black Boy by Richard Wright,      The Autobiography of Malcolm X, How To Eat To Live (and everything else)      by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and Behold A Pale Horse.
  11. The last book I read was actually my own!  I re-read my latest title; Represent recently      in order to keep myself knowledgeable about the various questions that I      may receive from readers.  Quite      often, questions are asked that are hard to respond to because so much      time has gone by in which I cannot remember every character or incident in      one of my novels.  Secondly, I also do      this from time to time in order to catch any possible inconsistencies or      grammatical errors so that the next time I do a print run on one of my      earlier writings, I can make the necessary corrections.
  12. Current projects include: working on next year’s tour schedule      with my manager (I have to finally hit up Chi-town, Texas, and Detroit!),      next year’s release of Revenge Is A Promise, and visiting as many book      clubs as possible in order to capture some more faithful readers and      supporters.  Can’t stop… won’t stop.
  13. One entity that has supported me wholeheartedly from the beginning      all the way through the present is my main “ace in the hole”, Garrett      a.k.a. “G-man”.  When my publishing      company was in its formative stages, he used to send me cases of mailing      envelopes, print out mailing labels for me to use (he worked in a      mailroom), purchased every book of mine sight unseen, and overall – hold      me down when I either needed promo flyers or a place to “crash” whenever I      was in his area.  For that and for      everything else not listed here, I will always be grateful.  Good lookin’ out bro’!
  14. I don’t just see writing as a career, it is my career!  To me a career is what defines you as an      individual, not what you do Monday through Friday from nine to five to pay      the bills.  As long as I am      enthusiastic and passionate about what I write whenever I put my pen to      paper, I will continue to strive to put out material that people want to      read.
  15. If I had to do it all over again as it relates to changing      anything in my latest book, I would not change anything in the story      concept because I feel the plot was very well constructed as is.  My only change would be to include an      alternate ending chapter at the end of the novel (similar to what I did in      Chalk Outline Confessions: The Remix).
  16. My interest in writing originated from my love for movies and      comic books.  Typically, the more      you do something, the better you get at it.  I wrote so much in my formative years      that as time passed, I got much better at weaving stories together that      captured the essence of all of the ideas I was trying to convey to my      readers.
  17. The biggest challenge in writing for a career is ironically not      the actual writing itself, but all of the intangible and miscellaneous      obstacles that you are faced with upon completion.  Barriers such as: finding the right      cover design and cover model (that don’t look like every other cover model      in the book industry), acquiring an editor that can match your writing      style with their own editing preferences, and of most importance in my      opinion – the array of unscrupulous bookstore owners that wont shelve your      product and instead, shelve the product of their own hometown favorites,      so called book clubs that put so-called best-selling authors on a      pedestal, but won’t give the same detailed attention to an unproven, new      author, and shady distributors that take an unfair percentage of your      books on consignment and after you mail the books to them, find out that      they went out of business, therefore, making you unable to recoup your      material.
  18. I travel extensively in order to get the word out on all of my      book titles.  I’m a firm believer in      branching out and integrating with the ones that support your literary      aspirations so every chance I get, I make my way to different places, cities,      and states in order to introduce myself.       Matter of fact, I am presently collaborating with my manager in      order to strategize my 2013 book tour.       My goal is to travel to at least 3-5 different cities that I have      not yet been to.
  19. Over Your Dead Body, My Life Is A Movie & Represent were      designed by Deneen Matthews (her contact information is located on my      website).  Chalk Outline      Confessions: The Remix was designed by Anita Luckett.  What sets my covers from most are the      way they are constructed.  I rely mainly      on live photo shoots in order to personalize my covers and avoid using      cover models that have been “recycled” on numerous occasions.  The only time I’ve used stock photo      (from the internet) was for my novel, Represent.
  20. The “hardest” part about writing my book(s) is the multi-tasking      that is inevitably included in the overall project of book promotion and      publishing.  In addition to the      actual writing of the book, I oversee the entire process from the legal      aspect of it (ISBN#, copyright), financial (editing, cover design,      printing) and promotion (mailing off promo copies, interviews, touring, purchasing      of promotional paraphernalia).  When      involved in all of the aforementioned aspects, it sometimes gets      overwhelming to be able to sit down and do what I do best: which is write      the actual book and get it out to the reader by the estimated release      date.
  21. I learn something new every time I release a new novel to my      reading audience.  I’m constantly      attempting to conceive new strategies on promotional ideas, accessing new      book club affiliates, and distribution channels that can get my books into      the hands of everyone.
  22. My advice to other readers is to follow the same principles of the      now famous Nike commercial:  JUST DO      IT!  Too often I get requests on how      other writers can put out their own work.       I tell them all the same thing: the same amount of time it takes      you to watch a mindless show like Love & Hip Hop or Real Housewives of      Atlanta, you could be perfecting your craft! (Yeah – I said it… deal with      it!)  I like to follow that by      stating: beware the industry “sharks” out there waiting to take a piece of      your wallet and do your homework.       The “Google” website should be every writer’s best friend.  This is 2012 people.  Gone are the days where we could say you      didn’t know how to research something.       Google whatever it is that you want to know and go from there.  Not being informed is no longer an      option… just an excuse.  Real talk.
  23. My closing remarks to all of the people that have supported me and      my literary vision both past and present is this: THANK YOU from the      bottom of my heart!  I’m very      interactive with all of my readers and I will never become so big that I      am unable to respond to a random text or email from a satisfied reader telling me how much they loved reading one of my novels.  Additionally, I will never become so big      that I lose sight on where I’m at and more importantly – where I came      from.  I’m no overnight success.  This vision of mine was developed and      marinated from years of blood, sweat & tears.  I am humbled by my present place in      life, yet eager to prove to the world that I am far from done.  I believe in excellence in execution and      only as relevant as my last book.       Therefore, I will not put forth product that does not capture the      essence of who I am.  My motto      remains: Say What You Want, Just Spell My Name Right!  None before me.  None after.  I have spoken.  So it shall be.  Quoth David L.  Nevermore!

5 thoughts on “DJGBC Interview: Author David L “Represent”

  1. Just finished reading My Life is a Movie and Chalk Outline Confessions: The Remix. Great books! Next up is Represent!


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