DJGBC Authors Spotlight: I Am Obsession “Climatic Succession”

Growing up on the west side of Chicago, Obsession began writing poetry at the tender age of seven. Winning countless awards in her youth, it was plain to see that she was gifted. Upon graduation from The Young Chicago Authors program, she published two poetry books by the age of seventeen. Deciding it was time to expand her creativity, Obsession set out on the journey of novel writing in 2010.”Climatic Successions” her debut novelette was released June 21, 2012. With no time wasted, Climatic Successions sequel “Catch 22: Love’s paradox” is set to release October 31st, 2012.

Satisfyingly explicit,this bon-a-fide narrative is plagued with humor, sex,romance, violence,devastating family secrets and more. Inspirational in its own right, this urban tale will invite readers into the lives of six individuals,
who learn from one another; that with love, faith, and forgiveness…

Peace found within will outweigh all the pain that was ever endured.

Here’s one of the I Am Obsession “5 Star Reviews”

More please!!,By Connie Wilson

This review is from: Climatic Successions (Kindle Edition)

My housework was neglected today because I just had to find out what happened with these crazy cast of characters. I finished the book in a day and can I say, I cannot WAIT until Catch 22: Love’s Paradox comes out.
I was able to bond with each one of them because I know what it’s like to struggle to succeed after having a crazy home life. Though, I seemed to bond the most with Ethan. My breath caught in my throat when he found himself in trouble and I cried actual tears when things looked dire for him.
Climatic Successions takes you on a wild ride and leaves you wanting more. It was an excellent first book, way to come out of the gate strong!

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