DJGBC *Book Of The Month Sept 2012: Treasure Blue “Little Bad Girl”

Many have called Treasure E. Blue the reincarnated Donald Goines. This prolific author without doubt is one of the most shocking and controversial writers that we have seen in decades. Blue’s background is as almost as compelling as his mouth-dropping debut novel entitled “Harlem Girl Lost”. Using the streets as a means of survival, he soon found himself involved with some of Harlem’s most notorious elements. Retiring from the game at the tender age of sixteen, Blue, who dropped out of High School after being banned from the entire Board of Education system, in New York City, managed to become one of the youngest people to receive his G.E.D. in New York State. Joining the military at seventeen, he developed a voracious appetite for books going on to read well over 2000 novels. After serving his country honorably, he joined the New York City Fire Department and worked as a Supervising Fire Inspector in the Bronx. Blue is a father of 4 and won praise for his screenwriting skills. He is also an active member of the American Studies Association. Blue has an uncanny way of not only telling a story, he makes you feel it emotionally as well.Cash Money Content’s literary giant Treasure Blue brings you the jaw-dropping first installment in his hot new eBook short story series, Little Bad Girl

Chantel Turner was your typical high school student—pretty, popular, and with plenty of friends. Until one fateful day she receives news that will prove to change her life forever. Chantel is about to find out that when real trouble strikes, the people she thought were her closest friends would instantly become her worst enemies. Forced to accept this new reality, the most unlikely person enters her life and is willing to see her through the biggest challenge she’s ever faced, even if it might mean sacrificing her own life and future, in order to save another.

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Cheryl of  Newark,NJ wrote…..

WOW!!!! Treasure Blue did his thang in this short story it touched my heart, yet knowing these things happen I was praying for Chantel the whole time. With friends like Krista and Tamara she needed Precious. This is a page turning book that i couldn’t put down.  I’m going to pass it down to my daughter whom just reached her teens and i’m going to watch the emotions and expressions on her face as she reads this great story. This will be her first time reading an “Urban Lit” book, but she’s a very smart young lady and we talk about evrything so I want her to share her thoughts about this book with me. Once again Treasure Blue, great job i am waiting on pt.2.

Tamluvstowrite wrote……

Treasure once again creates a wonderful short story that will bring tears to your eyes. I love this story and can’t wait for the rest of the series. Excellent !!

QueenCo923 wrote..

OMG one of the BEST short stories I have ever read!! This is my first Treasure Blue book and he has found a fan in me!! I need more ASAP!!


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