DJGBC Book Of The Month Sept 2012: Takerra Allen “There’s Power In The V”

Takerra Allen was born in Jersey City, NJ and resides in Somerset, NJ. In
addition to being an Author, the 25 year old is the CEO of an all female
Entertainment Company entitled Heaven Inc., and the half sister to the late renowned Tupac Shakur (sharing the same biological father, former Black Panther, William Garland). She is also an active Community Activist. Takerra and her business partner of Heaven Inc., have launched Angelic Script Publishing to give new edgy writers a chance to demonstrate their talent and to give readers and lovers of Contemporary Fiction, new and exciting books to fall in love with. In addition to the Publishing Company, Heaven Inc. also heads H.I.M.M. (Heaven Inc.
Model Management) and a profitable Promotion company that deals with many successful artists, models, and business men and women. Writing continues to be Takerra’s first love however, and her work has been appraised by many veteran African-American writers. Her first novel, Thicker Than Water, has become an underground success making it’s way into mainstream recognition. Look forward to more works and projects from Takerra!

Vacant Values, Vindictive Vixens, Vicious Vices, Violent Villains, Vulnerable
Vanity, Venomous Vows…V Growing up as one of the unattainable Bell sisters was
always bittersweet. On one end, it prided me. I was one of the most desired
girls of the neighborhood, a piece to a strong family puzzle that many envied.
On the more trying end, we were declared a trio, branded by the actions of one
another. Our mother, the matriarch, always instilled in us that family was
everything; we were our sisters and a representation of her. There was power in
the V she would often say. So while one of us craved the bad boys, another
became blinded by success and status, and last, the baby, let s just say she was
addicted to love. And that was us and it was tolerable. Just like you, we had
obstacles and though our worlds were rocked, they were never shattered, because
family was always at the core. But one day that changed. A sequence of ugly
events placed our lives into an unstopping whirlwind of desire, betrayal,
corruption, infidelity, and even death. Little did we know, our story, the story
of The Bell sisters, the story of our lives, was being written in the process.
Within these pages holds our secrets disguised as a nostalgic and dark tale of
reality. Our family will never be the same…

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