DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Evelyn Lozado “Inner Circle” (Wives Association)

VH1 Reality Star Evelyn Lozada of the #1 hit show, ‘Basketball Wives’ is one of the most sought after reality personalities to date. Currently, her resume includes Entrepreneur, Reality Star, Philanthropist, Producer and most recently Author by signing a lucrative book deal with Cash Money Content. As a natural trendsetter, Evelyn personifies her passion for life in everything that she does. Each week, 4.6 million viewers tune in to watch their favorite cast member of ‘Basketball Wives’! With her strong personality and whit, Evelyn entices her fans to become a witness of her journey, which is played out on television. According to the Hollywood Reporter, being that Evelyn Lozada is a social media “Royalty”, her popularity has made VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ the most social primetime program and franchise to date.

With her savvy business mind, Evelyn has managed to take her zeal for fashion to the next level. She co‐owns Dulce Shoes, an upscale shoe boutique located in Coral Gables, Florida and she is set to launch her own beauty line to include, eye shadows, nail polishes, blushes and bronzers called “E” by Evelyn Lozada. She takes great pride in being a devoted mother and businesswoman. With her sights set on building herself as brand, Evelyn is well on her way to becoming an ultimate success.

Evelyn Lozada, the breakout star of VH1’s hit reality show Basketball Wives, brings you her first novel in the hot new series, The Wives Association.Against her mother’s wishes and her own reservations, Eve Inez marries Los Angeles Leopard’s superstar wide receiver, Chase Landon, and finds herself in a close-knit circle of friends who are also married to elite athletes.Each of the wives soon discover their lives aren’t all glitz and glam, and that with wealth and fame there’s always a price to pay. It’s a regular battle of the sexes and Eve quickly realizes her circle needs protection against the everyday drama that keeps coming their way – prenups, baby mamas, scandals, cheating and worst of all, gossip.In answer, Eve encourages the wives to band together to form The Wives Association. No athlete, no matter how rich, pampered or devious, is going to get one over on her girls – that is, until she herself is confronted with one terrible truth that strikes much closer to home than she could ever have imagined.Inner Circle is a jaw-dropping peek into the lives of a group of women married to professional athletes. This gripping page-turner will make it impossible for readers to determine where real life ends and fiction begins and is sure to have every reader salivating for more.

5 Star Reviews From

“Inner Circle” is a definite page turner and I can not wait for part 2…it was interesting to try to see how much of Eve’s life compared to Evelyn…but all in all me and my sisters loved ..Evelyn keep doing your thing ..this one is a Hit!!!!     Reviewed By Beauty Beauty

OMG! Inner Circle is truly a page turner. This book was amazing! I loved the depth of each character and look very forward to book two. I personally think its a shame that people are judging her book by the mistakes she’s made on television, especially since she’s so publicly apologized. Keep doing your thing Evelyn…                              They’ll ALWAYS be HATERS! But I loved it!!!!   Reviewed By Shanta P

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