DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Shameek Speight “The Pleasure Of Pain 2”

Shameek A. Speight was born and raised in Brooklyn New York. His writing journey began as a way to escape the madness and mayhem that had become his life. He shares his true life experiences with his readers giving them a taste of his struggle. His stories are so profound that they will genuially touch your heart and soul.   Shameek A. Speight is the  National Bestselling author of A Child of A CrackHead 1,2, and 3…  The pleasure of pain 1 and 2 is the highest selling book on Amazon. more great novels by Shameek  are The S.N. Killer and BORNBANGERS. To learn more about Shameek Novels, visit his Face Book page Shameek A Speight. and joining his reading group #TEAMTRUEGLORY.





The book “Pleasure of Pain 2” with more action and bloodshed than ever with more
drama, secrets and lies are all at the forefront. With the F.B.I and the
Santiago drug family along with the Asia mafia on their backs, Tess, Iris and
Vanessa along with new comer Layla have no choice but to head over sea’s and do
what they do best. With new hidden identities they reinvent themselves and
become known under the new alias as the Teflon Divas, becoming the world’s most
deadly assassins. Walk with Tess as she try to cope with the loss of her true
love Bless while seeking undying answers to the killer behind it all or will her
loyalty to the only people she trust blind her from seeking the truth that she
needs to be a peace with it all? With ulterior motives hidden for over five
years and undying infatuation with Tess, Will Iris jealous and over
possessiveness cause her to snap and reveal her true colors as to who she really
is? Find out as loyalties and friendships are tested, hearts are broken and a
twist that will shock the world in this highly anticipated sequel.

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