DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Author Tammara Matthews “Lies Unleashed”

Tammara Matthews was born in Augsburg, Germany but spent most of my life in the Midwest in East St. Louis, IL and St. Louis, MO. She currently  resides in Maryland, which is where she decided to pursue a career in  writing. She began reading urban fiction novels when she 15 years old  and has been interested in writing one of her own ever since. She is  currently signed under Delphine Publications where her debut novel will  debut late 2012.

Synopsis TAMMARA MATTHEWS, in her novel Lies Unleashed,  takes her readers into the lives of colorful characters whose  relationships are turned upside down when they can t seem to let go.  Meet Niki, a partner at a law firm, who learns that her fiance Shawn had a little too much fun at his bachelor s party. She calls it quits, then meets Donte, who quickly sweeps her off her feet. But Shawn refuses to  let go, causing Niki s new relationship with Donte utter chaos. Then to  further complicate the situation, Shawn s brother James enters the  picture, spinning a web of intrigue. Niki confides in her best friend,  Charlene, who thinks she s found a winner in Mason until she receives a  threatening call one day from his wife/baby mother, which causes a  whirlwind of drama to unfold. Watch as lives are transformed as multiple plots overlap in the author s debut novel as the saga continues.
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