DJGBC Authors Spotlight: G.G.Linton “Shoes On The Wrong Foot”

Glynda Gamble Linton a/k/a G.G. Linton  is a native of Florida and currently lives and work in Plantation,
Florida as the National Secretary Treasurer of her Union. Shoes on the Wrong
Foot, is her first published work. Glynda is a native Floridian and attended
Miami-Dade Community College, studying Early Childhood Education. After one year
she changed her major to Business and transferred to Barry University and Nova
University, where she also studied Labor Law. She is divorced and has 3 sons,
Corey (deceased), Darryl and Christopher. Her passion as a community and
political activist has been her lifelong work, she spends her time giving back
to her communities by getting involved in organizations like Salvation Army
Homeless Shelter, All Children’s Hospital Cancer Center, Cooperative Feeding
Food Bank and Women in Distress, which helped lend some of the experiences CeCe
Copeland has endured. A twelve years Breast Cancer Survivor and avid reader,
Glynda decided that it was time she contributed back to the Literary World.
Linton is already at work on her second novel as CeCe Copeland is continuing her
quest for true love.

“Shoes on the wrong foot” is a journey in the life of CeCe Copeland, a single momwho while young and ambitious and full of adventure was soon met with the reality in the world of men. CeCe had dreams of being a mover and shaker in the corporate world, she developed a style of leadership that caught the eye of her
corporate office and landed her the head of their Public Relations Department.In her personal life, she soon came to realize that  although she could stand up to the challenges of her business associates, she lacked that same drive when dealing with the men in her life. In her quest for true love she met Tony, who introduced her to a life of domestic violence and insecurities; she was subjected to some of the most humiliating situations that finally gave her the
courage to run away on the eve of their wedding. Her best friend Charmaine introduced her to Devon, the man who would eventually became her husband. Devon was tall and athletic and instantly builds a relationship with her and Craig; she believed that her soul mate had finally arrived. Shortly after their marriage CeCe and Devon had two more sons, Devon Jr. and Ty, but that loving man
that she had married started showing a pattern of behavior that both frightened her and cornered her into a position of submission, while struggling with the reality of facing domestic violence once again, gave her the courage to leave him, but more drama awaits. Carl is a generous Business owner who showers her with affections and gifts, but has a dangerous side to him that no one sees coming. CeCe realized that as wonderful as love is, it can be as uncomfortable as “Shoes on the Wrong Foot.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. 4.0 out of 5 stars “FATAL ATTRACTION”, April 27, 2012
    By DJ Gatsby Book Club “CG” (New York City, New York)
    How devastating and questioning for CeCe to have three consecutive relationships with abusive men…Pondering why she consistently attract this type of man. The last relationship ALMOST COST HER, HER LIFE even though she didn’t ignore the “red flags” like she did with Tony & ex-husband,Devon.
    A delightful short novel, despite the topic matter for this first time published author. Prefer a more meaty, literary tone/embellishment instead of a basic everyday dialogue style. A full-length feature novel can take CeCe’s quest to the next level.


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