DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Kelvin Smith “The Unlikely Candidate” An Amazing Journey of a Heart Transplant Patient

Kelvin Smith is a graduate of Fayetteville State University majoring in biology, has five children and lives with his wife in New Hempstead, NY.
Since his youth, Kelvin had always been the athlete and later prided himself in the guidance of other athletes, so when told he was dying of heart failure it was truly overwhelming. After working twenty years at a N.Y. water treatment facility, a heart transplant was his only hope. Lying in the hospital for months, he began jotting down the intricate details surrounding his survival. In The Unlikely Candidate- An Amazing Journey of a Heart Transplant Patient, Kelvin chronicles the events prior, during and after the miracle on April 17, 2008 when he was afforded a new life with the gift from a stranger.
Now fully back to work at the water facility, as well as managing the careers of NFL athletes Kelvin Jr. his son, and Keith Bulluck his brother, Kelvin is an author, public speaker, business owner and very proud of his work as a volunteer at the New York Organ Donor Network. Along with these jobs, his biggest challenge to date is heading a steering committee to bring a Boys and Girls Club to Ramapo, N.Y. While serving as a mentor to these young men and women, he realizes how influential and inspirational his book will certainly be.

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  1. Wilfredo Contreras says:

    looking forward to a good read. Didn’t know you were suffering from this my beloved High School Classmate! Can’t believe I saw you at our 30 year reunion and you looked so fine!


  2. Mr. Fischer says:

    Only GOD People! Only GOD!!! Can wait to read it!!!


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