DJGBC Books Of The Month: August 2012

Book #1: High School Rich

High School Rich:101 Hot Tips to Success is dedicated to assisting youth, from
adolescent to adulthood in pursuing financial and entrepreneurial independence.
High School Rich: 101 Hot Tips to Success, includes detailed information on
credit, entrepreneurialism and real property ownership, along with a variety of
business profiles and backgrounds that young adults may pursue which can lead to
a lucrative business. High School Rich: 101 Hot Tips to Success is written to
reach out to youth on their level by utilizing the language and terms of our
youth today; however the term “rich” is meant to be rich in knowledge which is
the foundation for a successful life, the key to achieving wealth, and overall
well-being. It has a wealth of information to open up a world of opportunity to
the many ways to become High School Rich in knowledge, education and
information: Knowledge is power. High School Rich:101 Hot Tips to Success was
designed to equip you with the tools to create your own individual empire. If
you apply these tools you will make money. The amount of money is up to you.

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Book #2: Secrets Never Die
Some things that happen in the dark should stay in the dark, but that never seems to be the case. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Niya Brown learns this the hard way. The code of the streets is passed down to her from her mother, and to Niya, the code of the streets is law. Life deals Niya a bad hand that forces her to fend for herself at an early age when her mother and sister are taken away from her in a twist of fate. You will never believe what happens next. Truth and falsehood collide in a way that brings Niya face to face with a secret that will change her life forever.
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Book #3 The Beautiful Satan
Newly married Angel Rising has it all, beauty, a handsome husband, a
professional career, an estate in Suburban Maryland, with more designer clothes
and toys then one could imagine. With a life of luxury comes just one problem. A husband who said I do when he really meant I won’ t.Jovan just can t seem to shake the streets or all the women in it! Hurt, confused and wanting
revenge, Angel vows there will be no mistress, no more!The hunt is
on…!Take a ride with this femme fatale as she turns Washington, DC
upside down and proves to her husband just how much of A Beautiful Satan she
really is!
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Book #4: Ritas Plays For Children
Rita’s Plays For Children is a Resource book of Black History Plays which comprise excellent material to teach during Black History Month and beyond.  The uniqueness of “Rita’s Plays For Children” lie in the presentation and content of the stories that lead into the discovery of factual occurrences in history.  A prime example is the play “The Education of Booker,The Life and Time of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” (chap.5pg.49)  Rita’s Plays are written in an entertaining, humorous, and thought provoking vein.  The versatility of the book is shown through the play “Mr. Read”, a play about illiteracy (chap.10,pg.137). The Play “Generations” (chap.8,pg.103) explores black history from the perspective of a family reunion centered on the family photo album.  The book also contains a Rap Poem: “Know Who You Are” (chap 1,pg.1), a historical poem covering the Black experience from Africa, slavery, emancipation, civil rights movement, to the election of President Obama.

BLACK HISTORY RAP (click here)

The remaining plays, “Faith”, the “Shining Star Awards Show” and “Wakum-The Time Traveler” round out a total resource book.
Rita’s Plays are especially suitable for school or class assemblies.  All plays are kid friendly and have been performed by students of all ages.
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