DJGBC Book Review: Vanessa Richardson Bagby “Shattered In A Split Second”

Shattered in a Split Second
Shattered in a Split Second
by Vanessa Richardson Bagby Edition: Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars An insightful,inspirational & spiritual true story.,June 28, 2012
“Shattered In A Split Second” is an insightful, inspirational & spiritual true story.
It was impossible to put this book down until i reached the very last page. I read this book nonstop from cover to cover in a little over 3 hours. As a mother myself i attempted vicariously to understand how a mother could deal with her child having an almost fatal accident. I read and read anxiously to know how Vanessa Bagby’s faith, trust, & walk with God helped her through each phase of her son Atiba’s grueling recovery from total dependency on others to complete independence over a three year period.
Vanessa Richardson Bagby, Thanks for reminding us to put our lives back in perspective, to focus on ourselves our families, friends & God. Your story is a positive influence and it reminds us to not sweat the small stuff, because our lives can be “Shattered In A Split Second”…
DJ Gatsby Book Club

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