DJGBC Book Review: Monica Mathis-Stowe ” Where Did We Go Wrong”

5.0 out of 5 stars “DRAMA, DRAMA & MORE DRAMA “, June 24, 2012

Author Monica Mathis – Stowe has penned a Bestseller with “Where Did We Go Wrong”!

The books main characters Gabby, Joy, and Maxine have been best friends since college and support each other’s decision even when they’re immoral, childish, selfish or downright scandalous. They take the “BFF’s Oath” to another level. Gabby’s golddigging antics entraps a married NFL player into fatherhood while convincing her ex boyfriend he is the father, equals “Baby Mama Drama”. Joy’s on the other hand hasn’t weened herself from her mother’s milk; she’s terrified to expose her secret 15 year relationship with Allen because Bea, her mother would not approve. Maxine, a stay home mom wants to return back to the workforce, but when she tried to exercise this right her husband Trent literally beat her to reconsidering.

That’s just the beginning & there’s even more drama to go around in “Where Did We Wrong”..

To Purchase This Book By Monica Mathis-Stowe Click on The Link Below:

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