Born in a small town in Virginia, Kiki Swinson has written a full spectrum of titles in the fiction genre that has topped Essence Magazine’s best sellers list for three consecutive years. Swinson has also received mention and public notice from various other publications and literary markets. National, well-regarded publications like Essence Magazine, New York Times, and i.b. Concepts have heralded the efforts and accomplishments of Swinson, a woman who turned her life around after a five-year stint in federal prison, which is a testament to her resilience.

Ready and capable to handle anything that comes her way, Swinson definitely has her finger on the pulse of the literary industry, so she knows exactly what her readers want. The prolific writer’s career began when she penned a deal with Melodrama publishing, a small press company in New York, after receiving numerous rejection letters from literary agencies.

The noted success of her book “Wifey,” which was based on her life and published in 2004 earned the Virginia native the #1 spot on the bestsellers list in Essence Magazine just one month after its release.

Several months later, huge demands for a follow-up to “Wifey” poured in and Swinson delivered. Her passion for writing did not stop there. Swinson churned out the third and fourth parts of the series, and collectively it has snared a captive audience and has sold well over 600,00 copies.

Swinson is just as ambitious and driven as the characters about whom she so vividly writes, and she is determined to carve out  a place for herself as a writer. Offering an eclectic mix of urban fiction, Swinson has other published works such as “Sticky Situation”, “The Candy Shop”, “Sleeping with the Enemy”, “Playing Dirty”, and “Notorious”. Playing Dirty, Notorious, and Sleeping with the Enemy were published by Kensington Publishing, Corp. Because of her numerous writing accolades, Swinson has been interviewed on BET where she talks about how she landed behind bars and the success of her Wifey series. She has also been interviewed on various radio shows in almost every city in which she has toured, most notably Hot 97 in New York City.
Kira’s quiet life in the islands is interrupted when she’s called back to Virginia to attend her cousin Nikki’s funeral. Reluctantly, Kira plans a short, incognito trip to do just that. However, her plans are derailed when news of her arrival spreads.Now there’s a bounty on her head, and several snakes are ready to cash in. Behind enemy lines in her own hometown, Kira is faced with yet another battle to stay alive as she finds out once again, that she’s living on borrowed time. Will she be able to cheat death again, or will death snatch her from behind in part five of the Wifey series?
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