DJGBC Interview : Tamika Newhouse “Author & Businesswoman”

This very talented author took the literary world by storm when she hit the scene a few years ago. She is still going strong and shows no signs of stopping her fast paced climb to the top of her chosen profession. It seems that everything this young lady touches turns to gold. Not only is she an award winning author, publisher & founder of AAMBC she is CEO of Obsessive Soul Media. Her future goals in addition to writing are to produce short films & stage plays. She recently took time out of her busy schedule to grant DJGBC an interview and i would like to share it with you.. Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson

DJGBC: What inspired you to write your first book?

I had been going through a lot in my personal life and I felt like I was placed up against a wall. It has always been my escape to just go into my own world and write. So that’s what I did. I picked a high journal and freehand wrote a novel I would soon go on to publish only two years later. It’s funny how life work sometimes. I had a blessing in the midst of a storm.

DJGBC: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I was twelve years old. I had completed my first novel then. It was a book I wrote just out of fun and since that very moment I knew that I was going to be a writer.

DJGBC: You experienced success at an early age, how did that change your life

It changed everything. I was no longer just a girl I was a businesswoman. I had a company. I had employees. I had to issue checks. That’s me now. That is who I am and the funny thing about is that I didn’t aspire to do this. I simply fell into this. It was definitely God sent.

DJGBC: Talk about the state of Urban / Street lit today?

Tired of seeing a big butt and a smile on a book cover. We are more than that. I do see some trying to be original and then others who put out the standard street tale that has been told hundreds of times. The state right now needs some new voices. Voices who are in this game for the craft and not the pay check.

DJGBC: Who is your favorite author & why

I love a lot of indie writers but I look up to Reshonda Tate. She is doing the damn thing from continuing to write full-time, winning a NAACP Image Award, going viral and landing an interview on CNN and etc. This woman speaks success. I for one want to be successful in that way.

DJGBC: What book are you reading now & why ?

I haven’t read a book but the submissions I get through my publishing company. With various projects I am writing and the publishing I am doing have read a food for pleasure in months.

DJGBC: Tell Us About your current projects

I am currently writing on Kisses Don’t Lie Pt 2 which is the follow-up to my March release. It is a continuous of the dramatic love story I have created. In each story I tell I make sure I depict a realistic love that has those struggles we all tend to fall into. It will release this August.

DJGBC: Talk A Little Bit About AAMBC

The industry was always exposing the most popular writers and the most common. I for one discovered that many authors existed when I created my book club MySpace page. I became obsessed with exposing these authors who no one knew. So through AAMBC I became a publicist by accident . I perform interviews, head up events, and perform a lot of social media promotions. I love exposing authors because they are who I am. A hungry artist.

DJGBC: Whats next for Delphine Publishing

I am still signing on a few new talents and expanding that company. Relocated it into Atlanta and staying consistent. It is a thriving coming and I am excited about the profits it will make and the talent it will produce.

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  1. Thanks For Granting DJGBC This Interview. We Wish You Much Continued Success In You Career.


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