DJGBC Authors Spotlight : Madlen Namro “Black Pearl”

Madlen Namro was born in Lodz, Poland. When she was seven, maybe eight years old, children in her school used to call her Pippi Longstocking, because she would always make up stories and generally pull everyone’s leg all the time. In fact her daydreams of being a writer got serious enough for her parents to be called to school. The teacher downright told them that the best way to deal with it would be to make her commit it all to paper. So, when she was around nine, her first book was written, it was called “Talking Dog and Me”. That’s how her adventure with writing begun. She’s always seemed to have a rather lively imagination and making up stories has always been her second nature, something she never had trouble with. She believes it to be a gift from God and one that she was meant to use. The publication in 2008 of her novel entitled ‘Commandos’ allowed her to fulfil her dream of becoming a sci-fi writer. The book’s action-packed and vivid plot engross the reader and place him in the very middle of events which are about to determine the fate of 22nd century Earth. Madlen also writes articles, tales, books for children, teenagers and  screenplays. She has recently begun a new journey through life as a Film Director. She is a full member of Women Writers and Journalists Society in London.

Book Description

Publication Date:

April 25,2012

The collection of three stories under a joint name “The Black Pearl” is based on my notes from travelling around Italy. Each of the characters met by me tells me a moving history of his or hers life. When talking to me they experience a particular catharsis: spiritual and emotional cleanse, they release emotions, they seem to want to tame the sometimes pointless chaos of their lives… The need to confide stems from the internal need of sorting one’s thoughts. Every one of us needs understanding and affection. All of the stories are naturally brought to order by life, it puts them into a coherent wholeness. I invite You to read the stories; I hope that you will find a part of yourselves in them.

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