DJGBC Book Review: “Todays Truth” By Author Terri D

Bestselling Author Terri D has done it again. Her debut book  “Yesterday’s Lies” held your interest hostage with so many twists and turns of fate that it caught your attention and had you yearning for more & more. Now Terri D is back with the return of your favorite characters in the sequel “Today’s Truth” . Once again Author Terri D does not disappoint her readers as she reveals how  Jada accidentally learns the horrible truth her family & friends had been hiding from her for years.  Will it be all about her deceased husband David Jr or someone else?  Not only is this a great follow-up to “Yesterdays Lies” we highly recommend that you read Terri D “Todays Truth” for there are many other truths to be revealed in this saga…….

Book Review By: DJ Gatsby Book Club   

Todays Truth Will Be Released On May 14, 2012 *Purchase Books By Terri D @ The Link Below”

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