DJGBC Authors Spotlight: Kisha Green “A Write Way To Love”

Kisha Green is no stranger to the literary world. She is the well-informed and very knowledgeable publisher of DivaBooksInc.( author of many books under her imprint, including ” A Write Way to Love”, “And Even If I Did,” “If It Aint One Thing, It’s Another,” “Dear Mommy” and “Mental Seduction.” In 2007, Green was nominated Self-Published Author of the Year. As the host of her own Blog Talk Radio show, “Writer’s Life Chats,” ( Green interviews aspiring as well as seasoned authors, Writer’s Life Chats was nominated for Best BlogTalk Show in 2008 and 2009. She is also a book reviewer whose work has appeared on the websites Urban Book Source (, Shelfari and, among others. In 2008 she founded Writer’s Vibe, a literary site to help promote artists. Kisha also participated in a panel discussion at a Rutgers University, where she sat with other authors and poets, speaking with students about the literary industry: publishing and writing books, the importance of investing in an editor, and the hardships up-and-coming authors may face. Green recently launched Literary Jewels (, a helpful resource for aspiring writers in interested self-publishing but need direction. Green has a jones for literature and is a firm believer in “each one, teach one.” She assures, “There is room at the top for everyone in the literary world.” Green is destined to take literary Hollywood by storm.

Married to the man of her dreams, Crystal thinks she has it all: beautiful home, designer clothes and a successful career as a best-selling author. She details her accomplishments in her journal, but she has no idea that her entries will soon turn into the fiction she often writes about.
Because of her husband’s reckless infidelities, Crystal’s picture perfect marriage now sits in a shattered frame. Not even her imaginative mind can fathom a happily ever after as she endures an immeasurable amount of pain in the name of love.
We all know that hell has no fury like a woman scorned, so how will Crystal exact her sweet revenge? Will she sink down as low as her husband and try to even the score, or will she fly above it all and, in return, receive a gift that money could never buy?

To Purchase Kisha Green’s Latest Book “A Write Way To Love Click On The Link Below:

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