DJGBC Book Review: Envy Red “Jaded”


Imagine having your life consumed with nightmares of a wildly drug addicted mother whose career in prostitution leaves no one including yourself exempt from its consequences. Visualize having an unknown father whose only mark left on your life are unexplained exotic features. Envision learning that you were marked and written off as criminally insane at the tender age of 12. Now picture the same mental illness having you torn between two extremely opposite worlds of fantasy and reality. Journey behind the walls of St Agnes, a maximum security asylum in rural Virginia, and experience the suspenseful tale that is Jaded through the complex mind of a beautifully torn woman. Can love conquer all? This is the question posed as a love interest battles to show support through his own personal dilemma and tragedy. Will a seasoned therapist be able to provide the help needed, or will the unveiling of shocking truths cause damage beyond repair? Come along for the ups and downs of this jaw dropping drama as Envy Red steps outside of erotica to bring you an intense read about social issues such as mental illness, childhood trauma, the sometimes tumultuous human transition from childhood to adulthood, and everything in between. The twists and turns of this true to life drama will leave you speechless when fact is ultimately separated from fiction.


JADED “WACK ATTACK”,March 26, 2012

This review is from: Jaded (Paperback)

Wow,Impressive,Amazing…..Truly an exceptional read ‘Envy Red’. You demonstrated with this book you are a writer instead of a storyteller. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride, unpredictable twist of fate and the desire to read more until the book was finished. You left no questions unanswered. Please continue to write relatable/realistic novels and you will have a gained a lifetime supporter. I loved “Jaded” just as much as i loved “Touch” and i cant wait to  read you next book “High Rollers” . If you are looking for a great book to read check out “Jaded” by Envy Red, i highly recommended it !!

Hello my name is Envy Red and I am an author and philanthropist whose interest lies in literacy and awareness. I am a Washington DC native by way of Birmingham Alabama. A two time graduate of the University of Maryland, I reside in southern Maryland with my two sons. Through my weekly blogs, short stories, and appearances I promotes awareness of the sexual health and literacy issues plaguing the nation. As a board member of Homebound Citizens Non-Profit assisting homebound citizens and the homeless population, is a mission that is dear to my heart. Most recently, I started the “Free Minds Project” which is a youth and prison outreach initiative. Please visit my website for details and to follow this effort.

In my spare time besides writing I enjoy reading, rollerskating, watching movies, and attending plays.

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